September 17, 2019

Why I’m ignoring Jean Chatzky’s advice (I Pick Up Pennies) – Abigail shares several excellent reasons behind why she’s not following Jean Chatzky’s advice on saving and investing in preparation for the next recession.


My biggest FI demon – status anxiety (Monevator) – “The less susceptible I am to worrying about status, the quicker I’ll reach financial independence and the more secure the rest of my life will be. More to the point, the less I engage with that unwinnable game, the more time I’ll spend doing things that contribute to my well-being and the happiness of the people in my life who really matter.”


The Definition of Financial Success is Not So Obvious (Retire Before Dad) – “Financial success cannot be determined by visible wealth, such as a big house or a fancy sports car. Nor can it be defined by arbitrary numbers or percentages.”

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