September 13, 2019

Make Your Job Fit Around Your Life (Financial Panther) – “The point of financial independence isn’t about accumulating money. It’s about getting back control of our lives. Our jobs tend to take away that control, which is why a lot of us come to the conclusion that the best thing we can do is get rid of the job. But creating a job that gives you back control of your life, where the job fits around your life, can do the same thing.”


Re-Framing the Next Downturn (A Wealth of Common Sense) – “We could go into a recession tomorrow or the expansion could chug along for another few years. No one knows for sure. So the way that you plan for this inherent uncertainty is by diversifying your portfolio enough so it’s able to withstand a wide range of economic and market environments.”


How To Figure Out If Something ‘Is Worth’ Spending Money On (Bravely Go) – To figure out if something is worth spending money on, you have to both consider the deduction that purchase will make from your bank account and consider what it will do to your emotional state.  

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