September 12, 2019

If You Can’t Retire Early, Retire Rich Instead (Mad Money Monster) – For those who can’t retire early, employ as many FIRE principles as you feel comfortable with without compromising your current quality of life. Then, retire rich at traditional retirement age and enjoy not having a single financial care in the world during those golden years.


Living before dying (Ditch the Cave) – “For me life is about wanting family and self-development and serving a community that I am part of. That’s why I want to achieve financial independence. I want to do those things without the pressures and stresses of worrying about money.”


The Beauty of Simplicity (Budgets are Sexy) – “I’ve talked about this before, but one of the biggest moves I’ve made in my finances over the years is simplifying them all down to as little accounts needed as possible. I can tell you where every last dollar of mine is snuggling, and in the off chance something happens to me one day my wife and other family members will easily be able to find it too.”

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