Below is a list of financial resources that can help you save more, earn more, invest smarter, and improve your overall financial life.


Personal Capital is a financial tracking tool that lets you see all your investments, income, and expenses all in one place online. It even offers investment advice. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and best of all it’s free.

Ting is a mobile phone provider that boasts an average monthly bill of just $23 per month per phone.

Vanguard is an investment platform with incredibly low fee index funds. Buying and selling shares is also free for Vanguard ETFs and mutual funds.


General InvestingJL Collins

Investing in index funds – Four Pillar Freedom

Negotiating a salary – Patrick McKenzie

Negotiating a raise – Ramit Sethi

The psychology of money – Morgan Housel

Helpful information regarding medical insurance – Reddit

Minimalism – The Minimalists

Saving on food – The Debt Shrink

Travel rewards credit cards – The Luxe Strategist


The Simple Path to Wealth – JL Collins

The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas Stanley

The Richest Man in Babylon – George Clason

I Will Teach You to Be Rich – Ramit Sethi

A Random Walk Down Wall Street – Burton Malkiel

Essentialism – Greg McKeown

A Guide to the Good Life – William B. Irvine


The Mad Fientist – Financial Independence, Personal Finance, Early Retirement

Afford Anything – Investing, Real Estate, Business, Travel, Personal Finance

Invest Like the Best – Investing, Markets, Asset Allocation, Contrarian Thinking

Animal Spirits – Markets, Investing, Psychology, Human Behavior

The RV Entrepreneur – Business, Side Hustles, RV Life, Simple Living

How I Built This – Entrepreneurship, Business, Strategy, Life Lessons


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