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How Pursing FIRE Has Changed How I Act At Work

I was conditioned from a young age to defer to authority.

What happens when you stop caring about what other people think?

We’ve been called selfish for not wanting children. We’ve also been accused of “living off the fat of the land”…

80+ Personal Budget Categories to Get Your Finances Under Control

Having a hard time coming up with all the personal budget categories you should be tracking? Use this list as a starting point.

How to Start a Freelance Marketing Side Hustle

See how Todd made extra money, survived a job loss, and even leveraged his side hustle into a full-time job.

How to Optimally Spend Money to Buy Yourself More Time

Smart spending decisions to buy back time.

7 Lessons and 2 Mistakes From My First 3 Months of Early Retirement

Adam from Minafi shares lessons learned and mistakes made in his first 3 months of early retirement.

Why Do Most People Dislike Working On Their Personal Finances?

Why do people dislike working on their personal finances? Here are the reasons people want to avoid anything to do with finances.

How to Sell on eBay for Beginners

Looking to make some extra money? Selling on eBay is a realistic option for just about anyone. Here’s how to get started.

Finding FI: Interview #5 – J$ (Budgets Are Sexy)

On today’s Finding FI interview, we hear from one of personal finance’s most prolific bloggers, J$! He tells us why he’s super lucky AND…

How the Minimalist Lifestyle Benefits Your Finances (But Is It Right for You?)

Wondering how the minimalist lifestyle can not only benefit your life, but also your finances? This post explores that and more.

How to Use Reddit Churning for Travel Hacking

Learn about traveling the world for free, travel hacking, credit card churning, and the Reddit community which discusses it.

Spending Log: Free Monthly Expense Tracking Spreadsheet and Printable

Use this printable PDF or the Google Docs spreadsheet to help you manage your money better

Visualizing the Lumpy Growth of the Stock Market

On the fits and starts in markets and in life.

Extra Income Report: How We Made $2,000 in April 2019

See how we managed to make a small profit this month even though our rental portfolio LOST money!

What Sells on eBay: April 2019

A detailed look at how my eBay business did last month.

How We Reached a Net Worth of $100k at the Age of 25

A break down of hos my wife and I got our net worth to where it’s currently at.

How I Spend $108 A Month on Groceries and Eat Like A King

We eat like kings, but it does not cost much. These five tricks help us keep our spending down.

17 Free Financial Tools and Resources to Save You Thousands of Dollars

Take advantage of these free resources that can help with your finances.

Unpopular Opinions in Personal Finance

Some areas we agree in personal finance and some areas we don’t. That’s why it’s called personal finance – it’s personal.

Debt Free Story – How Ashley Paid Off $45K in 18 Months!

While everyone celebrates the debt payoff success stories, what most don’t tell you is how HARD they worked to get there.

Paying Student Loans: How You Can Pay Them Back Quicker

Whether you are a recent college graduate or a few years into paying student loans, here are some essential tips to help you pay your loans.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant and Work from Home

Great money-making opportunity, part-time as a side hustle or full-time.

How to Make Money as a Freelance Recruiter

Read about how Mark made $25,000 as a freelance recruiter and then used his new skills to land a higher-paying job.

40 Money Lessons Learned After 40 Years on This Earth

Marc from Vital Dollar shares 40 money lessons he has learned in 40 years.