Collecting Wisdom

Collecting the best personal finance articles around the web.

From Poverty to the Ivy League: Lessons Learned

Losing my dad when I was 7 turned my life upside down. Yet somehow, I ended up at Harvard. Read more

The Newest Personal Finance Bloggers From 2018

Over 50+ new bloggers on the scene.

You Flipped the Script

People will keep trying to tell you what to do next. What will make you successful. What you can buy to make your life more enjoyable.

How to Make Your Significant Other Hate FIRE

Some tried-and-true methods to get them to stop listening to you, ignore all of your advice, and make them second guess being with you

Working Seventy-Five Hours a Week and Nothing to Show For It

I wish I knew that working 75 hours per week could have been a financial blessing for my future family and me…

How to Increase Your Salary: The Best Tips to Make More Money

Want to know how to increase your salary? It won’t necessarily be easy for every profession, but these are the essential tips to make more.

The Problem With Most Financial Advice

The problem with most financial advice is that it’s too personal.

How to Invest $1,000 (And Double It!)

There are no get-rich-quick schemes to double your money overnight, but here are 5 ways to get above average returns on your money.

How to Make Money as an Airbnb Host

This article/interview shows how one couple is offsetting part of their mortgage payment with a simple Airbnb side hustle

11 Ways to Invest in Real Estate (With or Without Buying Property)

A look at the pros and cons of different options for real estate investing.

“I traded a few pseudo luxuries, like name brand clothing, for the ultimate luxury. We have enough passive income to cover our bills.”

Jillian from Montana Money Adventures shares how her family went from $55,000 in debt to financial independence.

Keeping up with the Insta-Joneses

The comparison trap with the Insta-Joneses is a thief of joy and a thief of pay checks.

Guest Post: What My Other Half Thinks of FIRE

Mr. Mechanic joins us again today with an extra special guest post sharing his views on FIRE as an outsider looking in.

Life, Death and Getting Drunk on FIRE

The moving target of how much is enough, when life throws some perspective your way.

Minimalism on the Path to Financial Independence

Jillian shares how embracing minimalism impacted her journey towards financial independence.

7 Reasons You Need to Stop Riding Your Bike To Work

Next time anyone tries to tell you how ‘awesome’ and ‘freeing’ it is to ride– tell them they have been brainwashed by Big Bike’s agenda

Will FIRE turn into “Fake Independence Rapidly Evaporating?”

Relax! We’re going to be fine, despite the recent stock market volatility!

Fatherhood & Feminism: How My Stay-At-Home Dad Helped Me Dream Big

Stay-at-home parents take on massive workloads for little thanks. So I want to take a second to thank my dad for everything he has done.

Are You Saving Enough for Retirement – Recommended Savings by Age

Did you know the number #1 method people use to estimate how much they need for retirement is GUESSING? We can do better…

Why Is It Difficult to Save Money? The Question Heard ‘Round the World

Below we’ll cover why saving money appears to be difficult and some simple tips to get you on track.

17 Free Financial Tools and Resources to Save You Thousands of Dollars

Take advantage of these free resources that can help with your finances.

How to Start a Freelance Marketing Side Hustle

See how Todd made extra money, survived a job loss, and even leveraged his side hustle into a full-time job.

How to Optimally Spend Money to Buy Yourself More Time

Smart spending decisions to buy back time.

Emergency Fund Examples – Is Your Budget Prepared for These 7 Financial Disasters?

From replacing a leaky water heater to an emergency room visit because of a wooden spoon, here are 7 reasons you need an emergency fund.