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Collecting the best personal finance articles around the web.

How the Investment Tax Credit & Other Incentives Drive Dolar Energy

Background and explanation of all the incentives driving solar energy development in the U.S. and abroad.

10 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor BEFORE Hiring One

Ever wonder if you have enough money to use a Financial Advisor? Or what one costs? Here’s what you need to know

How to avoid lifestyle inflation?

Lifestyle inflation is a very big problem but there are many ways to avoid this issue!

Child Support Payment Budgeting Tips for Divorced or Separated Parents

The lowdown on child support income and how to budget. Also, what to do if you can’t afford your child support payment.

How Our 5 Cats Helped Us Become Mortgage Free

Here’s the story of our five cats and what it has to do with becoming mortgage free. #5cats #mortgagefree

The Retirement Savings Gap: Why Retirement Planning Looks Different for Men & Women

There’s a retirement savings gap between men and women—but narrowing and closing it could benefit everyone.

Find out about the only free Swiss credit card with a cashback of 1%

From Broke to Financially Woke Interview Series – Savvy New Canadians

I have a been a member of the Broke Phi Broke club a few times in my life. I did not start out that way.

My Travel Hacking Strategy for 2019 and Beyond

See my travel hacking targets and moves for 2019 to snag a ton of points and earn 2 Southwest companion passes

16 Part-Time Jobs with Good Health Insurance

When I was in college, I joked to my ex-boyfriend that my dream job was to be a Wal-Mart greeter.

The 3 Muscle Groups Of Wealth Building

Increase your overall financial fitness by strengthening these three muscle groups of wealth building. Welcome to the gym!

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Does installing solar make sense financially.

A Step By Step Guide To Landing Your Dream Job

When it comes to building wealth, a lot of people in the personal finance community will suggest you focus on increasing your savings rate.

The Argument Against Life Optimization

Why we shouldn’t always optimize every aspect of our life.

What If I Worked One More Year?

What are the long-term financial implications of working one more year? I built a calculator to find the answer. Come check it out for free.

“I Appreciate You.” What does it mean? And why is it important?

Not the typical finance article I write, but an important one nonetheless as I reflect upon those that have impacted me along my journey.


How do investment return expectations vary by age and geography? Quite a lot as it turns out, with an average expected total return of 10.2%

Deborah Sawyerr:Financial Literacy Series (#3)

This week we are excited to feature the 3rd guest post for the Financial Literacy Series from the Deborah Sawyerr.

How To Rock The Dink Life (Double Income, No Kids)

Wondering if the dink life (dual income no kids) is for you?

3 Resume Tips to Help You Get the Job

These simple steps can get you a lot more results on your job search.

Best Side Hustles for 2019

Do you want to find the PERFECT side hustle ideas? Then this list is for you.

Top 5 Celebrity Money Mistakes And What You Can Learn From Them

It’s easy to assume that celebrities, with their larger than lifestyles and fat bank accounts, are also good with money.