Collecting Wisdom

Collecting the best personal finance articles around the web.

7 lessons I learned from my biggest financial mistake

I have a story I’m a little embarrassed to share, but one that some may be able to relate to or learn from…

The Shockingly Scary Difference Between Healthy FIRE and Unhealthy FIRE

What’s the difference between healthy FIRE and unhealthy FIRE?

The Problem With “Choose A Job You Love And You Will Never Work A Day In Your Life”

There are a lot of reasons why loving a job isn’t enough to make it not be work.

Deciding to Take Different Jobs Has Made Me a Better Person

Here is why taking different jobs has made me a better person…

3 Simple Questions That Will Change Your Money Mindset

Three questions that will help you reduce spending in the big three areas – housing, transportation, and food.

Why don’t Americans save?

A new report from the Center for Financial Services Innovation says that only 28% of Americans are financially healthy.

Why your desk job is so damn exhausting

The greatest mystery of my adult life: How can I spend all day typing at a computer and go home feeling exhausted?

Riding the Stock Market Roller Coaster

The stock market has taken everyone on quite the roller coaster ride lately. What should you do?

Twins on the Way: Should One of Us Quit Our Job?

Should one of us quit our job to take care of the twins? Or should we both keep working until we’re FI?

Pursuing What You Love: My Experience Working in Minor League Sports

Balancing the pursuit of what you love with a career path that pays the bills.

Wisdom from Years of Bike Commuting

“I’ve been commuting to work on a bike for a good 7+ years now”

Borrow, don’t buy

Borrow, don’t buy is my simple philosophy that can get you a long way. Here is a list of things I never buy, but borrow.

10 Things I Don’t Buy My Kids (and 10 Things I Do Buy Them)

Fewer toys is associated with more creative play. I focus on healthful habits, family time, and skill development.

How Much Money Should You Save in Your 401K?

First off, let’s make a big, fat Suze Orman-like assumption that you’ll want to have a tidy sum of $2M saved up…

Lifestyle Inflation: The Danger of “I deserve this”

Here’s the potential danger of convincing yourself that you “deserve” something.

How to Automate Your Way to Wealth

Automating saving and investing creates wealth.

Buffett’s 10/10/10 Rule For Making Financial Decisions

Training yourself to make good financial decisions happens one thought at a time.

Why I Have a Big Stupid Hot Tub

Some things bring enough value to our lives to warrant ridiculous luxury. This is my one thing.

Do You Have A Career Bug-Out Plan?

Here’s What I Will Do If I Lose My Job Tomorrow.

3 Simple Steps to Financial Literacy

Or, Don’t Be A Financial Weenie

This is What you Take Home from a $100K Salary in America’s Biggest Cities

Here is what you actually take home from a $100k salary in the largest city in each state.

Why We Seek FIRE: Career Is Merely A Social Construct

Do you wonder if the 9-5 daily grind is the only option in life?

Rich Families Are Having More Kids

Income inequality is flipping standard economic theory on its head.

30 Small Wins Challenge – Make Momentum With Your Money And Life

Some easy and actionable tasks that will benefit you and/or those around you – the 30 small wins challenge.