Collecting Wisdom

Collecting the best personal finance articles around the web.

What Will Tank Your Frugality, Fast

We consider ourselves money-wise. But occasionally, all our hard-and-fast money rules fly out the window. Here’s when & what we do about it.

5 Lessons I Learned from Changing Careers in My 30s

Thinking of changing careers? It can be rewarding, but there’s a steep learning curve & lots of humility involved in learning something new.

Visualizing the Best & Worst Investment Periods in History

These charts show the best and worst S&P 500 investment periods in history.

Your Negative Mindset Could Be Your Biggest Expense

Everything in your life is impacted by how you think.

‘Planetary Health Diet’ Grocery Haul

How eating healthy can save money and save the planet.

Avoid these four common mistakes to maximize the life in your years

Life is long, but we waste a lot of it. Avoid these four common habits to reclaim months of your time every year.

How To Get Paid To Lose Weight

With Healthy Wage, you’ll get paid to lose weight.

6 Questions to Test Your Financial Literacy

Test your financial capability with this test designed by FINRA

How to Choose the Best Index Funds and ETFs

A definitive guide to index investing.

What Is a CPA?

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a trusted financial adviser who helps individuals and businesses reach their financial goals.

Students Should Not Trust PSLF

Public Service Loan Forgiveness is shaky. Period. Don’t trust it…

8 Extreme Frugal Living Ideas You Probably Haven’t Considered

the extreme things the cheapest of the cheap do to save more money.

More Mainstream Criticism of FIRE

Responding to some lousy criticisms of the FIRE movement

Family Budget Tips To Save You Huge Money!

Need some extra cash in your accounts? Use these budget tips to keep more of your hard earned money!

What You Should Do Before Choosing a Lender

See what you should be doing before picking a lender to work with when you are buying a home. Great tips at Article Cube.

How Does We Buy Ugly Houses For Cash Work

Have you seen the “We Buy Ugly Houses for cash signs? See how these real estate investment companies work.

Amanda Rose: Fire Fury Author Discusses Money, Fitness, and Success

Amanda Rose: Fire Fury Author Discusses Money, Fitness, and Success