Collecting Wisdom

Collecting the best personal finance articles around the web.

Visualizing the Lumpy Growth of the Stock Market

On the fits and starts in markets and in life.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant and Work from Home

Great money-making opportunity, part-time as a side hustle or full-time.

How the Minimalist Lifestyle Benefits Your Finances (But Is It Right for You?)

Wondering how the minimalist lifestyle can not only benefit your life, but also your finances? This post explores that and more.

Unpopular Opinions in Personal Finance

Some areas we agree in personal finance and some areas we don’t. That’s why it’s called personal finance – it’s personal.

7 Lessons and 2 Mistakes From My First 3 Months of Early Retirement

Adam from Minafi shares lessons learned and mistakes made in his first 3 months of early retirement.

80+ Personal Budget Categories to Get Your Finances Under Control

Having a hard time coming up with all the personal budget categories you should be tracking? Use this list as a starting point.

Extra Income Report: How We Made $15,258 in March 2019

See how we make money through side hustles and passive income. This is our best month yet! My wife gets the credit for this one 🙂

The Guide To Equity Investing: How You Can Get Started

Looking to learn more about equity investing and how it can help you reach your financial goals? Here’s the complete guide

Form 8594, Asset Acquisition Statement Explained!

If you’ve bought or sold a business, you’ll need to report the sale price to the IRS.

What is an emergency fund and why you need one

The importance of an emergency fund and how it can actually improve your financial returns in certain scenarios

My Wife Deserves a $2M McMansion

“What I think my wife wants, and what she actually wants, are two very different things.”

February 2019 Dividend and Expense Review

I talk about investing my bonus, dividends for February and have a record savings rate month!

The Barbell Strategy for Buying Quality Stuff

The barbell strategy for stuff: buy the very best-in-class for a small set of items; buy the cheapest possible version of everything else.

10 Subtle (But Important!) Money Lessons from Disney Movies

If you’re paying attention, you can learn a whole lot about personal finance from some of your favorite Disney movies!

7 Important Ways You Should Not Follow the Crowd Financially

Do you make money decisions based on what other people are doing?

FIRE – Why I Want to Have the Option to Retire Early

A personal story about why I started on this journey and why it’s more than just retiring early for me.

Why Do Most People Dislike Working On Their Personal Finances?

Why do people dislike working on their personal finances? Here are the reasons people want to avoid anything to do with finances.

Waking Up At 5AM Changed My Life – Win The Morning, Win The Day

In April 2016 I decided to make a drastic change and set my alarm for 5:00AM. It changed my life.

A simple explanation of tax withholding, tax returns and tax refunds

A simple explanation of three commonly misused terms in the face of our favorite annual exercise; filing taxes!

7 Different Paths to Financial Independence

Different options and approaches that you can take to reach financial independence.

On Staying Married

The messy, humbling, and hard business of staying married can feel thankless, but for me, it’s critical for my longterm happiness.

8 Financial Bloggers Share What They’ve Learned From Blogging About Finance

Everyone has different goals in blogging, see what these bloggers have learned and how they are growing their blogs.

The Life Events That Woke Me Up From My Financial Misery

Everyone has previously faced or will face some sort of financial misery. Here are the life events that contributed, yet woke me up.

How I’m Saving 65% of My Income Without a Six-Figure Salary

Increasing your savings rate will have huge beneficial impacts to your finances. Here’s how I’m saving 65 percent of my income.

How much does a wedding cost – an item by item breakdown of our expenses!

An item by item breakdown of the cost of our not so frugal wedding.