Collecting Wisdom

Collecting the best personal finance articles around the web.

5 Reasons Why We Decided to fatFIRE

Fritz shares his decision to fatFIRE, as well as sharing 8 lessons we can all learn from the FIRE community.

How Pursing FIRE Has Changed How I Act At Work

I was conditioned from a young age to defer to authority.

Absolute Success is Luck. Relative Success is Hard Work.

Exploring the nature of luck vs. hard work.

Catching The Falling Knife: Investing Into A Bear Market

Here is how the average person can invest into falling markets without trying to time the market.

The Airbnb Experiment: Results Are In!

VRBO isn’t the devil after all. The Airbnb Experiment concluded in December with pretty good results. We made about $14K in net revenue….

We lived out our fantasy to flip a house. We will never do it again.

One couple shares their honest story of flipping a house.

Larger Market Declines Usually Lead to Stronger Recoveries

Some of the strongest market recoveries occur after the largest declines.

How To Save Thousands of Dollars by Asking One Simple Question

Sometimes all you need to do to save money is ask.

The Retirement Pyramid

“Imagine if Americans had a retirement pyramid on their refrigerator. We would all be wealthier and healthier.”

How I Made Six Figures By 27

It turns out that advertising and marketing are some of the few industries that don’t require specialized skills, but can make you BANK.

How to Make Your Significant Other Hate FIRE

Some tried-and-true methods to get them to stop listening to you, ignore all of your advice, and make them second guess being with you

9 Money Lessons From My 90-Year-Old Grandpa

“Here are 9 money lessons from my 90-year-old grandpa.”

Even God Couldn’t Beat Dollar-Cost Averaging

The data that explains why dollar-cost averaging is so hard to beat.

January Side Hustle Income Report – $2,812

Our rental property repair horror story and how we still managed to make a profit for the month!

Income Percentile by State Calculator

This calculator shows where your annual income ranks in your state.

What has happened historically after you buy stocks when they’re down big?

Here is how stocks have performed after experiencing a big down quarter.


Asking for a raise or a promotion can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Short Money Rules

29 short money rules that contain important financial and psychological lessons.

What I Learned from Jack Bogle

Jack Bogle, the legendary founder of Vanguard, passed away yesterday at age 89. Here are a few things Ben Carlson learned from him.

The Reason Many Ultrarich People Aren’t Satisfied With Their Wealth

At a certain point, another million dollars doesn’t make anything newly affordable. That’s when other motivations take over.

Confessions of a Frugal Fraud

It is impossible to ignore the lack of certain line items on my expense reports (like Internet and Netflix) so what gives?

How to Teach Kids About Money (At Every Age)

Your kids pay attention to how you handle money. What are you teaching them?

Why Shaming People For Their Money Habits Is A Bad Idea

Have you ever looked at your decisions in the past and wondered, “What was I thinking?” It’s very easy to beat yourself up for being stupid.

Why switching jobs is the fastest path to doubling your salary

See the stats behind why switching jobs ever 2-3 years is the best way to increase (and double) your salary

The Beginning of a Minimalism Journey

Chris shares the story of how he and his partner began their minimalism journey.