August 9, 2019

The Life Changing Magic of FIRE (Millennial Revolution) – An example of someone who, after discovering the FIRE movement, literally changed their entire financial livelihood in a matter of a few short years.


In Praise of the Day Job (Savvy History) – Having a stable career that offers consistent income can relieve the pressure you might feel to earn money from your passion.


Even The Rich Don’t Feel Rich (Mr. Tako Escapes) – “I might live a middle class lifestyle, but I still feel pretty wealthy. To me, that’s what real wealth is: The freedom to not worry about money.”

August 8, 2019

A New Planner Won’t Change Your Life (Becoming Minimalist) – “Planners are not bad, exercise bikes are not unnecessary, and not every juicer goes unused. Sometimes these items are valuable tools. But if we fall into the trap of believing buying something new is going to magically transform us, we are mistaken.”


Did These Flip-Flops Lead Us to Financial Freedom? (Route to Retire) – “Wearing old shoes doesn’t make a person a millionaire.  But I think it set the tone in our own path to financial freedom.”


Doing Nothing in Retirement Is Okay (Root of Good) – “You can think of me as an expert in the art of doing nothing. I am the anti-Tony Robbins; an unproductivity guru. A role model bearing the message that doing nothing is okay – no apology required. “

August 7, 2019

A Life Well Lived (The Simple Dollar) – “When I look ahead at the life I have yet to live and I ask myself whether I’d rather have a house full of stuff or a life full of good memories and great relationships, I want the latter, and it’s not even a question.”


The Investor Class & The Working Class (Done by Forty) – “The very idea of financial independence is based on moving from the working class to an investor class. We start out working for money, but eventually we get some assets that start working for us. The pile of assets eventually gets so big that the quaint idea of working for money becomes entirely optional…”


Should We Employ Our Own Kids? (and How Much to Pay Them) (Mr. Money Mustache) – There is a fine line between giving your kids a helpful boost, and “helping” them so much that you distort their view of the world and create a generation of Whining Complainypants Adults.

August 6, 2019

Different Ways to be Rich in 2019 (A Wealth of Common Sense) – Several different ways that you can be “rich” without having a lot of money.


Downsizing Our House to Save Money Actually Increased Our Quality of Life (Educator FI) – “The real surprise has been an increase in happiness in our new smaller place. We thought we were sacrificing by leaving the large home we loved and moving into a smaller place…Amazingly, since the move, we’ve found ourselves saying wow, this is actually better!


Don’t Let Life Get Too Easy in Early Retirement (Our Next Life) – “Removing too many pain points from our lives risks actually doing ourselves harm in a different way: a life with no pain points makes us soft.”

August 5, 2019

Why Retire Early? Because Death Is Coming. (A Purple Life) – “Thinking about death helps me understand what I want out of life. I don’t want my life to be a blur of email pings, conference calls and mindlessly throwing money at problems to make me reliant on those pings and calls.”


Financial Independence Is A False Summit (Accidental FIRE) – Financial independence is a worthy goal to pursue, but it is not the final summit; it merely reveals new summits to climb towards.


How I Try To Balance Minimalism With Frugality (Frugalwoods) – Mrs. Frugalwoods shares how she balances minimalism (the desire to own less stuff and remove clutter) with frugality (buying things for great prices and keeping “just in case” items).