August 30, 2019

How to Make a Thousand Bucks an Hour (Mr. Money Mustache) – Making a few phone calls to negotiate your car insurance, mortgage, and other big ticket bills can have a massive difference on your finances.


Nobody is an expert in your life except for you (Think Save Retire) – “Try different things until you find something that works for you. Even if the experts claim another solution works better, keep doing what works for you.”


Visualizing Working Hours (Our World in Data) – A fascinating look at working hours across different decades and countries.

August 29, 2019

Financial Struggle and Human Instinct (The Simple Dollar) – Despite living in the most prosperous and productive era in human history, most people struggle to get ahead financially simply because our brains aren’t wired for the modern, prosperous world.


Help! My Crystal Ball is Broken! (Freddy Smidlap) – Nobody has a clue when the next recession will hit or how bad it will actually be.


Can A Personal Finance Blog Teach You To Be Rich? (Mr. Tako Escapes) – “Blogs can drop great tips and ideas that can stuff extra dollars in your bank account. They can also help keep people motivated…but lately I’ve started to think that the people reading financial independence blogs already have the soul of a millionaire. You either have it, or you don’t.”

August 28, 2019

Honest pros & cons of living a nomadic lifestyle (Nomad Numbers) – A nomadic lifestyle comes with a tremendous amount of freedom and flexibility, but it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. One couple shares a list of pros and cons of living as digital nomads for over a year.


My Bill Murray Approach to Work in Retirement (Leisure Freak) – “I’m no Bill Murray, not even close in talent, wealth, whit, or anything else. But his approach towards work inspired me to create my own limited contact and availability approach to working in retirement.”


Self-Reliance in Early Retirement (The Dragons on FIRE) – “I don’t think of self-reliance in early retirement as a burden. Certainly it takes energy to plan my own schedule, find my own activities, think about my own personal development, and find my own community. But this is a trade off that I was willing to take in exchange for the freedom of being retired.”

August 27, 2019

22-Year-Olds Don’t Belong in Grad School (Bitches Get Riches) – Several reasons why it might not be a good financial idea to go to grad school immediately following undergrad.


What is Your Rainy Day Project? (Minafi) – How working on “rainy day” projects can make retirement so much more enjoyable.


Smashing 6 Figures of Debt & Learning From What Doesn’t Apply to Me (She Picks Up Pennies) – “In just under seven years, our mortgage has dropped from $214,000 to under $100,000…There’s been help and hard work, privilege and problem solving on this journey, and it’s not over yet. But in seven years, we smashed six figures of debt.”


August 26, 2019

How to Make Work Feel Like Play (RadReads) – A useful list of ways to make work feel more like play, and thus a far more enjoyable activity.


The Power of Saying, “So what?” (City Frugal) – “Rather than pushing harder to get the FI ball to roll down the hill even faster, I’m easing up. I’ve decided to strategically ‘waste’ money in areas of interest in which I’ve never dared to invest before.”


Playing Offense in Retirement (Can I Retire Yet?) – “It doesn’t make sense to do everything it takes to escape mandatory work if you are going to trap yourself in a life constrained by a tight budget with no room to grow, explore, and pursue new opportunities as they present themselves.”