November 13, 2019

America’s Decade (Albert Bridge Capital) – This is fascinating: from 1979 to 2009, stock market returns in Europe and the U.S. were almost exactly the same. It’s only in the most recent decade that the U.S. has outperformed.


Does the perfect job exist? (RadReads) – The “perfect” job likely doesn’t exist. However, there are steps you can take and decisions you can make to craft a more enjoyable work situation.


Limiting Beliefs I Overcame to Pursue Financial Independence (The Fioneers) – Corey shares the personal transformation he underwent that lead him to pursue financial independence.  

November 12, 2019

Money Buys Freedom, But Freedom Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness (Four Pillar Freedom) – Financial security can help you gain freedom, but freedom by itself isn’t enough for lasting happiness.


Visualizing Retirement Savings by Age (Flowing Data) – Some neat charts that show how much the average American has saved for retirement, by age.


6 Things I Wish I Knew at the Start of My Freelance Career (Unemployable) – Freelancing is one of the most popular alternatives to having a day job. In this post, Kat shares 6 things she wish she knew when she started freelancing.

November 11, 2019

Who You Are is NOT Defined by What You Do (Slowly Sipping Coffee) – A reminder that who you are as a person is not synonymous with what you do for work.


Is It Ever a Good Idea to Work for Free? (Money the Wright Way) – In certain circumstances, it might make sense to work for free in exchange for things like experience and relationships. More often than not, though, you should typically seek to get paid for your time.


Visualizing the Evolution of the Tiny Home Movement (Visual Capitalist) – Tiny homes have become quite popular in recent years. Here’s a nice visual illustration of their rise in popularity.

November 8, 2019

It’s OK to Change Your Mind (Fiery Millennials) – “Our lives are too short to be stuck in something that isn’t working for us. We are not trees – we can change our situation any time we want.”


You Can STILL Be Anything You Want (Rethink the Rat Race) – The real benefit of financial independence/early retirement is that it gives you the freedom to be and do anything you want.


How to “Lie With Personal Finance [Home Ownership Edition] (Early Retirement Now) – “Whacky math is everywhere around us and some of the whackiest I’ve seen surfaces in the rent vs. own discussion.”

November 6, 2019

We have the tools and technology to work less and live better (aeon) – Why is it that technology and productivity have increased rapidly over the past century, yet most of us are still constrained by the 40-hour workweek?


Why you shouldn’t check your portfolio too often (Dan Egan) – “The more frequently you monitor your portfolio, the more likely you are to observe a loss. This is likely to cause short-sighted decisions and could hurt your investment performance.”


How I (try to) Align My Time and Money With My Highest Priorities (Frugalwoods) – “Not everything can be a priority for your time or your money. Identify your priorities, spend time and money on them, and let go of everything else.”

November 5, 2019

When Americans Reach $100k in Savings (Flowing Data) – Some neat charts and stats that show what percentage of various age groups have at least $100k in savings.


The Spectrum of Wealth (Collaborative Fund) – Here is what a spectrum of wealth would look like if you described it with words, not numbers.


There Are No Bear Market Vaccines (Your Brain on Stocks) – ” Despite what some may say, we don’t know exactly what will cause the next market downturn, and there are certainly no bear market vaccines.”

November 4, 2019

How Much Time Does the Average American Spend on Personal Finance? (Motley Fool) – “The average American spends over 85 hours a month watching TV – almost 100 times as much time as they spend on their household finances.”


Why Frequently Checking Your Portfolio Is a Bad Idea (Tony Isola) – “Daily stock gyrations are influenced by random events and irrational emotions. Human brains which evolved from a bunch of scared monkeys can’t process this vital fact.”


How (& Why) To Execute a Before-Tax Rollover Into a Roth (The Retirement Manifesto) -“We should all seek ways to minimize our expenses in retirement, and focusing on tax minimization for our before-tax investments is important, especially if you’re carrying a large balance in your before-tax accounts.  If you have room in your current tax bracket, I encourage you to consider following my example and executing a before-tax rollover before the end of the calendar year.”

November 1, 2019

Visualizing Stock Market Volatility (The Measure of a Plan) – A neat interactive tool that shows how stock market volatility has historically impacted investments during different time periods.


Asked to Delay Retirement, Should You Accept an Offer to Stay? (Leisure Freak) – Is accepting an offer to stay at a day job worth trading your time for money when your heart is set on doing other things?


Top 5 Reasons to Retire With Less Than 25 Years of Expenses (Physician on FIRE) – The traditional 4% Rule says you need 25x your annual expenses saved up before retirement, but here are five reasons why you may choose to retire with less.

October 31, 2019

Better to Reign in Hell Than Serve in Heaven (The Deep Dish) – An incredibly well-written and well-researched article on the pros and cons of gaining freedom through self-employment vs. pursuing more freedom through flexibility in a traditional job.


The Magic of 80% (Embracing Lagom) – “Intense and unrivaled focus toward meeting savings or debt paydown goals can make for a very anxious, perhaps even deprived existence. But here’s the thing – as long as you’re getting things “mostly right” – you’re probably not going to take that much longer to reach your goal by the occasional self-indulgence (lattes or otherwise!).”


How Fatherhood Sparked My Desire for Financial Independence (Marriage Kids and Money) – Andy shares how fatherhood transformed his perspective on life and caused him to make financial independence a priority for his family.

October 30, 2019

On Comparing Yourself to Others (Of Dollars and Data) – “If you were born into a farming community in India or China, it wouldn’t make sense to compare yourself to Bill Gates who was born to an upper middle class family in the wealthiest country on Earth.  However, comparing yourself to others in your farming community would be useful for understanding your expected life outcome.”


If Your Boss Could Do Your Job, You’re More Likely to Be Happy at Work (Harvard Business Review) – People who work for competent bosses tend to be happier at work.


Debt: Who F*cking Cares (The $76k Project) – Perhaps paying off your debt as fast as humanly possible isn’t a great strategy for your mental health or your overall life satisfaction.