Collecting Wisdom

Collecting the best personal finance articles around the web.

What Happened When I Had An Unlimited Food Budget

Would I order the expensive steak every night? Would I ever tire of the Market Choice fish or the Chef’s Special?

The Newest Personal Finance Bloggers From 2018

Over 50+ new bloggers on the scene.

The Educator Career Ladder: Options to Multiply Your Income

Educators are NOT doomed to poverty. The first in a series on educator income options. Exploring the career ladder.

Netflix To Raise Prices Again!?

Netflix is raising their prices again. How much are you willing to pay for Netflix per month?

6 Personal Finance Metrics You Can’t Afford Not to Track

If you want to build wealth and reach financial freedom, you need to be measuring your progress with these 6 metrics.

20 Things We Do Everyday That Waste Money

Here are 20 things we do everyday that waste money.

Traveling Abroad: You’re Paying Too Much

Traveling abroad is a fundamental experience. But are high expenses keeping you from traveling more often?

Understanding The Lead Paint Law Can Save You Money

When buying or selling a home it is vital to have an understanding of the lead paint law. See what you need to know.

The No. 1 Destroyer of Wealth is Divorce

Out of the most feared and dreaded D’s in life, there’s probably nothing more devastating to your finances than divorce.

12+ Best Reddit Personal Finance Subs To Follow In 2019 To Help You Make, Save, Invest & Manage Money

You can add Reddit to the list of resources for financial content in 2019. Here are 12+ communities on Reddit talking money.

Girlfriend, It’s Your Turn and Here’s Why

This year I am declaring that it IS your turn by focusing on personal and financial self-care. They are more interrelated than you think.

Simon Says: Work Hard, Be Patient

Simon Sinek. The one guy who might convince you to keep your day job and tuck away those grand notions of early retirement.

Why You Shouldn’t Start A Blog

Reasons why starting a blog might not be for you.

The Power of Compound Interest with Your Yearly Investments (Visualized)

Wondering how compound interest works for you? Learn about the power of compound interest on your yearly investments.

How to Go from Bipolar Depression to a Successful Entrepreneur

My interview with someone who overcame serious illness and became a successful entrepreneur.

The Biggest Risk for Early Retirees

Is the FIRE community Under Estimating Their “personal inflation rate”?

Why I’m So Damn Afraid To Follow My Passion

Sitting at your senior home at 80 thinking, man, what if I had just tried to follow my dreams when I was young? That’s terrifying.

The 2018 Annual Goal Review!

2018 financial goals reviewed and discussed!

Sinking fund – do you need one?

How many accounts do you have? You may need one more – a sinking fund – for big annual bills and unplanned home maintenance bills

Quick And Easy Ways To Earn Extra Cash

Looking to pay down bills or save more for future goals.

Money and Confidence As a Way to Living Your Best Life

Level up your confidence in order to change your money habits. Read about my lessons, my story and the declarations I tell myself