August 16, 2019

Building a Vision of Life Without Work (Living a FI) – A fascinating exploration of how to design your life once you quit full-time work.


Financial Independence Milestones that Actually Motivate (The Fioneers) – “Instead of focusing on a percentage to financial independence, our milestones focus on the amount of active income we would need to generate per year. This feels more concrete, and I am confident that it will enable us to take hold of our financial freedom earlier and in more incremental ways.”


The Fallacy of Social Status Games (Adam Keesling) – Why social status games are a waste of time and why starting businesses and producing creative work is not a zero-sum game.

August 15, 2019

The Relative Value of Money (Financial Panther) – “On a personal level, the money I made from my side hustles, where I had control, was worth more than the money I made as a big shot lawyer.”


A Cartoon Explanation of How to Access Pre-tax Money Once You Retire (Burrito Bowl Diaries) – Understanding how to access the money you have saved in pre-tax retirement accounts early without paying penalties can be tricky. This cartoon makes the process easy to understand.


Set Up a Financial Plan that Maximizes Your Happiness Because Life is Short (Tony Isola) – “We are all going to die, the only question is when? I don’t know about you but fretting over the daily machinations of the market or worrying about what my neighbours are purchasing is at the bottom of the list.”


August 14, 2019

7 Great Things I Learned at the Hospital About FIRE and Financial Empathy (PiKi Living) – Valuable lessons on being empathetic when teaching others about the concepts of financial independence and early retirement.


An Interactive Exploration of Dead End Careers (Zippia) – Each industry has a career arc, but not all industries are created equal. These interactive data visualizations highlight which industries are worst and why.


A Case Study on Living in the Moment (Calibrating Capital) – “My life stage along with a lot of my friends is crazy – creating, running, managing businesses, raising children, loving our wives. There’s no shortage of things that need attended to…however, we really do need to take the time and energy to live life fully during these days and years.”

August 13, 2019

How You Can Make Money From Hosting an Airbnb Experience (Studenomics) – A fascinating look at how you can earn money from a unique side hustle: hosting an Airbnb experience.


Rebalancing Your Life and Portfolio (All About Your Benjamins) – Just as rebalancing your portfolio can improve your investment returns, rebalancing your lifestyle can improve your overall quality of life.


Visualizing How Much Money Americans Spend on Commutes (HowMuch) – A neat data visualization that shows how much the average American spends on commutes in each state.

August 12, 2019

How to strategically spend money to buy back time (RadReads) – “The math doesn’t lie and the research is emphatically clear – whether it’s a meal-prep service or an in-home visit from your personal trainer, buying time promotes happiness.”


Meet the Urgency Fund: Your YOLO-Emergency Fund (Frugality and Freedom) – An emergency fund can help you pay for unanticipated negative events. An urgency fund, on the other hand, can help you pay for unplanned positive events.


I Could Save More…But I Don’t Want To (She Picks Up Pennies) – You can almost always deprive yourself of things you enjoy to save more money, but it’s important to remember that deprivation isn’t sustainable.