Collecting Wisdom

Collecting the best personal finance articles around the web.

Want to Have a Healthy Marriage? Talk about Money

It’s always among the top three reasons for divorce.

What Does it Mean to Leave a Legacy?

A legacy is about more than money. We discuss that here.

As Humans, We Need to Dream Big! Bigger! Biggest!

Are the hopes and dreams for your life big? or safe? Use the prompt in this article and don’t limit yourself.

3 Most Inspirational Personal Finance Posts on the Internet

There are a lot of great PF blogs, but these 3 articles inspired me the most.

The One Money Book that Changed My Life Forever

I went from broke to over a million in net worth thanks to this one book.

Boost your voice with Blogging

You have a strong voice and Blogging can help you reach thousands of people. Josh Wardini shares his advice in the post

5 Sure Ways to reach Financial Independence

Find out about 5 different sure ways to reach Financial Independence (FI). There is not a single path to FI!

Rich Families Are Having More Kids

Income inequality is flipping standard economic theory on its head.

Deciding to Take Different Jobs Has Made Me a Better Person

Here is why taking different jobs has made me a better person…

How Much Money Should You Save in Your 401K?

First off, let’s make a big, fat Suze Orman-like assumption that you’ll want to have a tidy sum of $2M saved up…

The Financial Events that Fueled These 12 Personal Finance Bloggers

Learn what inspired these twelve personal finance bloggers to invest more time in their finances and investing.

Here’s How the S&P 500 Has Performed Since 1928

Here is how the S&P 500 has performed since 1928…

110+ Ways to Use a Sinking Fund

Here are 110+ ways to use sinking funds to reduce the turbulence in your budget.

Net worth isn’t important

Tracking your net worth? Maybe you should stop. At the very least add this to your arsenal of metrics.

13 Great Motivational YouTube Videos To Get Inspired For Success & Take Action

Sometimes a quick speech or interview can do wonders for inspiration. Whether it’s shifting your mindset or pushing you.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

A short list of the bare essentials. Be prepared to maintain!

You are Going Broke Because You are too Lazy to Cook

Breaking down the cost of not buying and cooking your own food.

How To Prepare Yourself Financially For The Zombie Apocalypse

How To Prepare Yourself Financially For The Zombie Apocalypse

This is What you Take Home from a $100K Salary in America’s Biggest Cities

Here is what you actually take home from a $100k salary in the largest city in each state.

7 lessons I learned from my biggest financial mistake

I have a story I’m a little embarrassed to share, but one that some may be able to relate to or learn from…

How to Automate Your Way to Wealth

Automating saving and investing creates wealth.

Borrow, don’t buy

Borrow, don’t buy is my simple philosophy that can get you a long way. Here is a list of things I never buy, but borrow.

How to Drastically Cut Expenses

We cut cloe to $1,600 from our monthly budget. Here’s how we did it.