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Collecting the best personal finance articles around the web.

How We Saved $1,500 in Lodging While in Downtown Athens, Greece!

People have been amazed at the places house sitting has taken us (Paris, London, Amsterdam, Budapest, and many more!) while pursuing FI/RE.

Financial Independence, Retire Early (FI/RE) Colorado Meetup

The FI/RE community is thriving. We experienced this first hand on a trip to Northern Colorado, home of Mr. Money Mustache Headquarters!

Screw The Average Featured on the 2 Frugal Dudes Podcast!

We had a great time talking about financially independent, retire early (FI/RE), travel, house sitting, miles and points, and much more!

Our Budget for 1 Year of Continual Travel Abroad | 3 Continents, 23 Countries, and 60 Cities… and You Spent How Much?!

Our budget as a couple for one year of continual travel abroad might astound you!

Financially Independent, Retire Early (FI/RE) for the Rest of Us

We’ve heard the personal stories and read the financial posts where someone cuts their spending by $60,000 or gets out of $100,000 of debt.

March 2019 Budget & Expenses | Digital Nomads Pursuing Financial Independence, Retire Early (FI/RE)

A one month sample budget of a digital nomad couple who’s been traveling long-term (2 1/2 years) and pursuing FI/RE.

401(K) Loan Pros and Cons: Is it Worth it or Not?

Our 401(k) loan ended up costing us almost $1,000,000! There are many reasons that this type of loan is not a good idea.

Danglehouse Mini-Series 3/3: Actually, My Mom Bought Me A House

This is the conclusion of a 3-part mini-series in which I talk about how and why I bought a house. I’m coming clean about my house here.

What To Do Before Maxing Out 401(k)

If you can max out your 401(k) you definitely should, right? Not always. Learn what you should do before maxing out.

Hedonic Treadmill: Why I’m Saving the Best for Last

Why I’m sticking to instant coffee for now

9 Legit Ways To Get Free Internet Access

Tired of high data costs? You can get internet for free, and I’m not just talking about coffee shop wifi.

Why We Made It and You Haven’t Yet*

Stop floating through life and your FI/RE journey.

Make a plan and be intentional.

Are you disciplined enough to achieve independence?


Early retirement is a question of risk tolerance. A great outcome for some, but for others it is attempting to solve the wrong problem.

Farmers Market Finds

Farmers markets used to be a place to support local growers while getting a fair price for produce. Now, you don’t know what you’ll find.

Is Emergency Fund Necessary?

Today’s let’s talk about one of the sacred cows of the personal finance community – The Emergency Fund.

Immigrant Finances #3: Catherine Agopcan

I am excited to present the third guest for the interview series, Catherine Agopcan, a writer/blogger focused on educating people.

Why the house you live in and car(s) you drive hold you back from FI

Why 2 of the most common reasons we go into debt are the biggest barriers to building wealth.

Marrying Someone with Six Figures in Student Loans

For those getting married, if one person has 6 figures in student loans it is smart to talk about that prior…

Ask FM: Should I Pivot Into a Career In Tech? If So, How?

People Wonder: Should I break into tech?
If they decide it’s something they want to do, the next question is how?

Financial Black Belt Interview – Abandoned Cubicle

I interviewed Cubert from Abandoned Cubicle to learn how he became a millionaire.

A Day in the Life of a Small-time Landlord

Ever wondered what it would be like to personally manage a handful of real estate rentals? Today, we’ll peer into the mystical realm…