November 8, 2019

It’s OK to Change Your Mind (Fiery Millennials) – “Our lives are too short to be stuck in something that isn’t working for us. We are not trees – we can change our situation any time we want.”


You Can STILL Be Anything You Want (Rethink the Rat Race) – The real benefit of financial independence/early retirement is that it gives you the freedom to be and do anything you want.


How to “Lie With Personal Finance [Home Ownership Edition] (Early Retirement Now) – “Whacky math is everywhere around us and some of the whackiest I’ve seen surfaces in the rent vs. own discussion.”

November 6, 2019

We have the tools and technology to work less and live better (aeon) – Why is it that technology and productivity have increased rapidly over the past century, yet most of us are still constrained by the 40-hour workweek?


Why you shouldn’t check your portfolio too often (Dan Egan) – “The more frequently you monitor your portfolio, the more likely you are to observe a loss. This is likely to cause short-sighted decisions and could hurt your investment performance.”


How I (try to) Align My Time and Money With My Highest Priorities (Frugalwoods) – “Not everything can be a priority for your time or your money. Identify your priorities, spend time and money on them, and let go of everything else.”

November 5, 2019

When Americans Reach $100k in Savings (Flowing Data) – Some neat charts and stats that show what percentage of various age groups have at least $100k in savings.


The Spectrum of Wealth (Collaborative Fund) – Here is what a spectrum of wealth would look like if you described it with words, not numbers.


There Are No Bear Market Vaccines (Your Brain on Stocks) – ” Despite what some may say, we don’t know exactly what will cause the next market downturn, and there are certainly no bear market vaccines.”

November 4, 2019

How Much Time Does the Average American Spend on Personal Finance? (Motley Fool) – “The average American spends over 85 hours a month watching TV – almost 100 times as much time as they spend on their household finances.”


Why Frequently Checking Your Portfolio Is a Bad Idea (Tony Isola) – “Daily stock gyrations are influenced by random events and irrational emotions. Human brains which evolved from a bunch of scared monkeys can’t process this vital fact.”


How (& Why) To Execute a Before-Tax Rollover Into a Roth (The Retirement Manifesto) -“We should all seek ways to minimize our expenses in retirement, and focusing on tax minimization for our before-tax investments is important, especially if you’re carrying a large balance in your before-tax accounts.  If you have room in your current tax bracket, I encourage you to consider following my example and executing a before-tax rollover before the end of the calendar year.”