August 6, 2019

Different Ways to be Rich in 2019 (A Wealth of Common Sense) – Several different ways that you can be “rich” without having a lot of money.


Downsizing Our House to Save Money Actually Increased Our Quality of Life (Educator FI) – “The real surprise has been an increase in happiness in our new smaller place. We thought we were sacrificing by leaving the large home we loved and moving into a smaller place…Amazingly, since the move, we’ve found ourselves saying wow, this is actually better!


Don’t Let Life Get Too Easy in Early Retirement (Our Next Life) – “Removing too many pain points from our lives risks actually doing ourselves harm in a different way: a life with no pain points makes us soft.”

August 5, 2019

Why Retire Early? Because Death Is Coming. (A Purple Life) – “Thinking about death helps me understand what I want out of life. I don’t want my life to be a blur of email pings, conference calls and mindlessly throwing money at problems to make me reliant on those pings and calls.”


Financial Independence Is A False Summit (Accidental FIRE) – Financial independence is a worthy goal to pursue, but it is not the final summit; it merely reveals new summits to climb towards.


How I Try To Balance Minimalism With Frugality (Frugalwoods) – Mrs. Frugalwoods shares how she balances minimalism (the desire to own less stuff and remove clutter) with frugality (buying things for great prices and keeping “just in case” items).

August 2, 2019

Reflections After One Year of Early Retirement (Early Retirement Now) – Big ERN shares eight reflections on work and life after one year of early retirement.


Everything is temporary; nearly everything is reversible (City Frugal) – “If you take a job and you don’t like it, you can find a new one. If you buy an apartment and get moved for work three years later, you can sell it. If you don’t like a city, you can move back to your old one or try another.”


Business Ownership or Rat Race? (ATG Financials) – Self-Employment can lead to Financial Independence in a faster and happier way compared to the Rat Race.  

August 1, 2019

Why It’s So Hard to Time the Market (Reddit) – An example of three different investment scenarios that illustrates why it’s so hard to time the stock market.


Beating the Diderot Effect (The Simple Dollar) – “The Diderot Effect states that obtaining a new possession often creates a spiral of consumption which leads you to acquire more new things. As a result, we end up buying things that our previous selves never needed to feel happy or fulfilled.”


Realistic Ways to Increase Your Income in Corporate America (Fervent Finance) – A list of realistic ways to increase your income in Corporate America.

July 31, 2019

Self-Care is Financial Care (Afford Anything) – “There’s nothing frugal about refusing to give yourself the care that you deserve. On the contrary, lavishing time and money on the healing that you need will repay itself 10x down the road.⁣”


You Don’t Have to Do It All (Aardvark Advisor) – “The truth is, most of us can find more time and more happiness in a life with less consumption and less production- simply by appreciating what we already have.”


Why the FaceApp “Old Age” Filter is the Ultimate Early Retirement Motivational Tool (Mr. Free at 33) – Seeing a visual depiction of your elderly self is the ultimate motivation to achieve early retirement.

July 29, 2019

The Problem With FIREing At 4% (Michael Kitces) – The 4% Rule is designed for 30-year retirements. However, if you retire early and plan on having a 50+ year retirement, the 4% Rule isn’t as applicable.


The Longer I’m Away From Corporate Life, the More Ridiculous a 9-5 Schedule Seems. (Four Pillar Freedom) – “In 1938, the eight-hour, five-day work schedule became the standard across all industries. Fast forward 80 years. Workers in Corporate America still adhere to this schedule, despite the fact that they do mostly mental work instead of physical work.”


For the Happiness of All Humankind (Retire Before Dad) – “To start optimizing for happiness, one should do more activities that make you happy and fewer that make you unhappy. “

July 26, 2019

Why I don’t use the FIRE acronym for financial freedom (Monevator) – Financial independence is an excellent goal, but early retirement might not be.


After Burning Out: This Is How I Spend My Money Now (Sunday Brunch Cafe) – “There is no right or wrong way to spend money.  Spending money itself is not a moral failing.  But we can choose what we spend it on and how much we spend.  And we can make it count.”


What If I Worked One More Year? (Dangling The Carrot) – Working one more year could add millions to your net worth decades down the road, but is it worth it?

July 25, 2019

Is Frugality A Realistic Long-Term Plan For Saving Money? (Miss Functional Money) – “Solely relying on frugal tricks and not putting together a long-term money picture is not a plan.”


Resetting the Countdown to Early Retirement (Abandoned Cubicle) – Cubert shares four reasons behind why he is pushing back his early retirement date.


5 Ways We Are Slowing Our Pursuit of Financial Independence (Financial Pilgrimage) – “My family’s goal is to live life with intention and purpose, while taking steps in the right direction towards financial independence. If you asked me what our financial independence number is I wouldn’t be able to tell you. The goal is much less important than the journey.”

July 24, 2019

How a Taxable Brokerage Account Can Be as Good or Better Than a Roth IRA (Physician on FIRE) – “A taxable account can behave pretty much exactly like a Roth IRA, but without some of the Roth IRA’s limitations, particularly after retirement.”


Should I Quit My Job to Follow My Passion Before I Hit Financial Independence? (Millennial Revolution) – “If I had quit my engineering job to try to be a writer, I would have simply traded one stressful job for another, only my new stressful job pays me no money.”


The Benefits of Spending Less Instead of Earning More (Humble Dollar) – Four reasons why spending less can be a better financial strategy than earning more.