Outlook: How to Search Emails by Date Range

The easiest way to search for emails by a specific date range in Outlook is to click the Search bar along the top ribbon and then type the following:


This particular example will retrieve all emails in your inbox that were received between 1/1/2024 and 3/28/2024.

Note: This formula will return any emails received in the date range including the starting and ending dates that you specify.

The following example shows how to search for emails by date range in practice.

Example: How to Search Emails by Date Range in Outlook

Suppose that you would like to retrieve all emails received between the following dates:

  • Starting Date: 3/25/2024
  • Ending Date: 3/28/2024

To do so, click the Search bar along the top ribbon in Outlook and then type the following formula:


The following screenshot shows how to use this formula in practice:

Outlook search date range

We can see that two emails were received during this specific date range.

Another way to perform this same search is to click the dropdown arrow on the right side of the search bar, which brings up the Advanced Search window.

You can then specify 3/25/2024 as the starting date and 3/28/2024 as the ending date, then click Search:

Outlook advanced search by date range

Once you click Search, all emails received during this date range will appear:

Notice that the same two emails appear in the results.

Note: By clicking the dropdown arrow in the search bar and using the Advanced Search window, you’re able to specify more filters along with the date range such as specific words that appear in the body of the email, the subject of the email, etc.

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