Outlook: How to Check Who Has Accepted a Meeting

Often when you send a meeting invite in Outlook, you may want to check which attendees have accepted the invite.

This is easy to do by using the following steps:

1. Click the calendar icon in Outlook.

2. Find your meeting on the calendar and double click it.

3. Click the “Tracking” tab along the top ribbon. You will be able to see a list of attendees along with their responses.

The following example shows how to follow these steps in practice.

Step 1: Click the Calendar Icon

Suppose you have sent a meeting invite to two people and you would like to check who has accepted the invite.

First, click the Calendar icon in Outlook:

This will bring up the calendar view in Outlook.

Step 2: Double Click Your Meeting on the Calendar

Next, find your meeting on the calendar and double click it:

Step 3: Click the Tracking Tab

Next, click the Tracking tab along the top ribbon:

Outlook check who has accepted meeting invite

We can see the Name, Attendance Status, and Response of each individual.

For example, for this particular meeting we can see:

  • Zach has accepted the meeting invite.
  • Mike has given no response yet.

It’s important to note that when an individual receives an invite to a meeting, they have the option to click “Do Not Send a Response” so even if they accept or decline the invite their value in the Response column will still be None.

You can think of the number of people who show a Response of “Accepted” as the minimum number of people who have accepted the meeting invite, since other individuals may also have accepted but chosen to not send a response.

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