October 7, 2019

SeasonalFIRE: Work Less, Enjoy Life More (Abandoned Cubicle) – “Could there be such a thing as SeasonalFIRE where you pound it out working full-time for six or seven months during the crappy seasons, then take late spring through early fall off?”


Work Hard, Play Hard: Flawed Justification for Lifestyle Inflation (Educator FI) – “Work Hard. Play Hard. It makes sense. You bust your ass at your job, work long hard hours and then when you’re free you play equally hard. The problem is, it creates a vicious cycle. In reality, it’s not a solution or a way to balance your life. It’s just a flawed justification for lifestyle inflation.”


Three Criteria (Bone Fide Wealth) – Three questions you should ask yourself before purchasing something new.

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