October 31, 2019

Better to Reign in Hell Than Serve in Heaven (The Deep Dish) – An incredibly well-written and well-researched article on the pros and cons of gaining freedom through self-employment vs. pursuing more freedom through flexibility in a traditional job.


The Magic of 80% (Embracing Lagom) – “Intense and unrivaled focus toward meeting savings or debt paydown goals can make for a very anxious, perhaps even deprived existence. But here’s the thing – as long as you’re getting things “mostly right” – you’re probably not going to take that much longer to reach your goal by the occasional self-indulgence (lattes or otherwise!).”


How Fatherhood Sparked My Desire for Financial Independence (Marriage Kids and Money) – Andy shares how fatherhood transformed his perspective on life and caused him to make financial independence a priority for his family.

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