October 18, 2019

Why I Feel Filthy F*cking Rich (Bitches Get Riches) – “Rich is not a dollar amount to me. It’s a practical function. I have enough and then some. Therefore, I’m rich. And admitting that, embracing that, has opened me up to both satisfaction and generosity in a way I couldn’t before I was rich.”


It’ll Cost You (The Humble Dollar) – The “6 to 2 times 200” rule is a simple mental math rule that allows you to weigh today’s spending against future retirement dollars. Each $1 spent by folks in their early 20s means at least $6 less in retirement spending. Similarly, $1 spent in your early 40s means at least $2 less in retirement.


Stock Market Investing – What’s the Worst That Could Happen? (Banker on FIRE) – Some encouraging data that shows the longer you remain invested in the stock market, the higher the likelihood that you’ll earn positive returns.

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