October 17, 2019

What If I Don’t Get Hit By a Bus? (Trip Of A Lifestyle) – “What if you get hit by a bus?” is a common argument against saving and long-term thinking…but saving money and living your best life aren’t mutually exclusive, and this article turns those arguments on their head.


Land & Capital: Two Source of Income That Lead to Financial Independence (Morningstar) – “In economics, we learn that there are only three ways to produce income – land, labor and capital. If you want to stopĀ laboring (retire, reach financial independence, whatever), then you need to acquire other two.”


How to Not Feel Financially Behind Your Friends (Casual Money Talk) – It’s easy to feel like you’re financially behind your peers. However, by changing your circle of comparison, shifting your perspective on wealth, and decoupling your self worth from your net worth, you can minimize this feeling.

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