November 4, 2019

How Much Time Does the Average American Spend on Personal Finance? (Motley Fool) – “The average American spends over 85 hours a month watching TV – almost 100 times as much time as they spend on their household finances.”


Why Frequently Checking Your Portfolio Is a Bad Idea (Tony Isola) – “Daily stock gyrations are influenced by random events and irrational emotions. Human brains which evolved from a bunch of scared monkeys can’t process this vital fact.”


How (& Why) To Execute a Before-Tax Rollover Into a Roth (The Retirement Manifesto) -“We should all seek ways to minimize our expenses in retirement, and focusing on tax minimization for our before-tax investments is important, especially if you’re carrying a large balance in your before-tax accounts.  If you have room in your current tax bracket, I encourage you to consider following my example and executing a before-tax rollover before the end of the calendar year.”

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