November 27, 2019

The seductive peril of loving your job (Ditch The Cave) – “I’ve been down this slippery slope before. The short term hit of approval at work turns into a longer-term addiction. As all the other sources of external validation get neglected the esteem of work colleagues becomes a drug of choice.”


Why I Sold My Index Funds and Quit the Stock Market (Mostly) (Nat Eliason) – “If you have the time to work on projects using your money, if you can be smart about how you spend it investing in yourself and your work, and if you can handle being on the line for your own success, it might be worth considering liquidating whatever personal accounts you have (the non-tax advantaged ones) so you can invest in yourself.”


It’s going to be imperfect. Keep trying anyway. (The Frugal Girl) – There will be plenty of imperfect days and weeks on your financial journey. Just accept it and keep chugging along.

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