November 19, 2019

The Fear of Spending Money (The Physician Philosopher) – “It’s important to strike a balance between the future goals we set and living today. If you can meet your financial goals and a change is within those parameters, there is nothing wrong with making a change. In fact, I encourage you to spend lavishly as long as you are track to meet your goals.”


Cash Back (Humble Dollar) – Most companies get knocked off by competition over a long enough period of time, which is why diversifying your investments is so important.


Tending to the Garden of Your Financial Plan (The Belle Curve) – “Life will throw you curveballs. A financial plan is not a beautiful report in a fancy binder that collects dust in your drawer. It is a living and breathing instrument that should be maintained throughout the years. If you are not doing planning this way, it may be time for a change.”

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