November 14, 2019

Income Percentile by City Calculator (DQYDJ) – This calculator shows you how your income (either individual or household) stacks up to everyone else in your city.


Should I Have Stayed in the Corporate Grind? (Wanderlust Wendy) – “For every year that I would’ve stayed in the corporate grind, it would become increasingly difficult to leave. The one-more-year syndrome is so easy to repeat, because monetary reward increases nearly exponentially. I was afraid to get trapped. I wanted time before potentially having kids to try out a different life, and I am glad I did.” 


5-Hour Workdays? 4-Day Workweeks? Yes, Please (NY Times) – “If like many digital knowledge workers, you’re exhausted by endless work and flooded inboxes, the good news is that better and more sustainable ways of producing valuable output with your brain might be coming — if we can find enough visionaries willing to try out “radical” new ideas about how best to get things done.” 

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