July 29, 2019

The Problem With FIREing At 4% (Michael Kitces) – The 4% Rule is designed for 30-year retirements. However, if you retire early and plan on having a 50+ year retirement, the 4% Rule isn’t as applicable.


The Longer I’m Away From Corporate Life, the More Ridiculous a 9-5 Schedule Seems. (Four Pillar Freedom) – “In 1938, the eight-hour, five-day work schedule became the standard across all industries. Fast forward 80 years. Workers in Corporate America still adhere to this schedule, despite the fact that they do mostly mental work instead of physical work.”


For the Happiness of All Humankind (Retire Before Dad) – “To start optimizing for happiness, one should do more activities that make you happy and fewer that make you unhappy. “

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