December 16, 2019

Work, Anxiety, and Why I Became an Entrepreneur (The Dumpster Dog Blog) – The switch to entrepreneurship is often done for freedom from one type of life, but can itself end up a cage; with it comes a whole other set of anxieties


Minimalism Makes Room For Joy (No Sidebar) – “Minimalism is not about scrimping, or living a dark, cold, narrow, tiny life…Minimalism is about removing the things that get in the way of living your best, most creative and joyful life. It’s about pursuing what has value to you and your family, whatever that means, because your heart is in it.”


How to own the next Netflix (Evidence Investor) – The way to own the next Netflix, e.g. the next unicorn stock, is to own a broad market index fund that is virtually guaranteed to hold it.

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