The Escalation Cycle and Financial Decision-Making

Principal F.I. explains the concept of “the escalation cycle” and how understanding it can help you better manage your finances.

Making the Case for Paying Full Price

Dave from Minimalism and Your Money shares why paying full price and being intentional with spending can save us all money in the long haul.

Collecting Wisdom’s 5 Month Anniversary

Collecting Wisdom turned 5 months old today. Here’s an update on the site growth.

How to Move Beyond Inspiration and Actually Take Action

Today we have a guest post by Clipping Chains who shares how anyone can move beyond inspiration and actually take action to improve their lives – physically, mentally, and financially.

How to Find Your Life’s Purpose

Today we have a guest post by David from CityFrugal who tackles the challenging question of how to find purpose in life …

Why Owning Assets Leads to Wealth & Freedom

One of the basic principles taught in Rich Dad Poor Dad is that the rich don’t trade time for money. They acquire …

Who is Reading Collecting Wisdom?

I recently conducted a survey to find out a bit about the audience here at Collecting Wisdom. Here’s a summary of the survey responses.

Collecting Wisdom Audience Survey

I thought it would be fun to conduct a short survey to find out more about the readers here at Collecting Wisdom. …

Collecting Wisdom’s 3 Month Anniversary

Today marks the end of the third full month that Collecting Wisdom has been online. Here’s a recap of how the journey has gone so far.

The Art of Building and Selling Websites to Earn a Full-Time Income

Marc from Vital Dollar shares his experience with self-employment and how blogging has impacted his progress towards financial independence.

Building Profitable Websites to Speed Up the Journey to Financial Independence

Jim from Accelerated FI shares how he’s building profitable websites to boost his income and speed up his journey to financial independence.

Earning Side Hustle Income with Genealogical Consulting

Recently I got the chance to catch up with Tenacious J and ask her a few questions about her unique side hustle: genealogical consulting.

Quitting Our Corporate Jobs to Start a Franchise Business

Amber shares the story of how she quit her corporate job to start a franchise business with her wife.

Negotiate Your Salary, Please: You Owe It To Yourself

Luxe shares why you should always negotiate your salary, along with practical advice for doing so.

How To Save Money And Crush Debt By Living In A Camper

Mike shares the financial and lifestyle benefits of living in a camper

Why You Should Start a Blog Even Though You Probably Won’t Make Money From It

Here are five reasons to start a blog even though you probably won’t earn money from starting one.

How I Earned Over $105,000 at Age 25

Erik shares how he was able to earn over $105,000 in 2017 as a 25-year-old.

A Physicians Guide to Working Part Time

Jeff shares his experience with transitioning from full-time to part-time work as a physician.

How We Paid Off $60,000 in Debt and Built a $90,000 Nest Egg in 3 Years

Chris shares how he and his household was able to pay off $60,000 in debt and build up a nest egg of $90,000 in just three years.

Life is About Finding Fulfilling Work, Not Saving Up Enough Money to Never Work Again

When I first discovered the concept of early retirement, I thought it was the solution to lasting happiness and bliss…

How I Bought 4 Fourplexes in 12 Months

Joel shares the story of how he and his brother bought 4 fourplex rental properties in just 12 months in a small town in Texas.

How To Go From $22k Per Year To Six Figures. A Real Guide (No Ivy League. Not Quick. Not Easy.)

Liz shares exactly how she went from going to community college and earning $22,000 per year to obtaining an MBA and earning six figures.

Furniture Flipping: My Ultimate Side Hustle

Jenny gives us an inside look at one of her favorite side hustles: furniture flipping.

Collecting Wisdom’s 1 Month Anniversary

I created this site in mid October, which means November was the first full month online. Here’s a recap of how the journey with this site has gone so far.

Using a House in Two Unique Ways to Earn $3,000+ per Month in Extra Income

Lily shares how she is able to use her house as an asset in two completely different ways to earn between $3,000 and $8,000 each month in extra income.