How to Get Yesterday’s Date in JavaScript (With Examples)

Occasionally you may want to calculate yesterday’s date using JavaScript. Here are three methods you can use to do so.

Method 1: Using Today’s DateĀ 

Using this method, we define today’s date, then subtract one day from it:

var today = new Date();


console.log(today.toDateString()); // Wed Sep 30 2020

Method 2: Using Milliseconds

Using this method, we simply subtract 86,400,000 milliseconds (the number of seconds in one day) from today’s date:

var yesterday = new Date( - 864e5);

console.log(yesterday.toDateString()); // Wed Sep 30 2020

Method 3: Using Moment.js

Using this method, we can simply use the subtract() function from the Moment.js JavaScript library:

moment().subtract(1, 'days'); // Wed Sep 30 2020