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April 12  The Escalation Cycle and Financial Decision-Making

April 6  Making the Case for Paying Full Price

April 1  Collecting Wisdom’s 5 Month Anniversary

March 27  How to Move Beyond Inspiration and Actually Take Action

March 14  How to Find Your Life’s Purpose

March 7  Why Owning Assets Leads to Wealth & Freedom

February 10  Who is Reading Collecting Wisdom?

February 1  Collecting Wisdom’s 3 Month Anniversary

January 25  The Art of Building and Selling Websites to Earn a Full-Time Income

January 14  Building Profitable Websites to Speed Up the Journey to Financial Independence

January 10  Earning Side Hustle Income with Genealogical Consulting


December 29  Quitting Our Corporate Jobs to Start a Franchise Business

December 20  Negotiate Your Salary, Please: You Owe It To Yourself – The Luxe Strategist

December 17  How To Save Money And Crush Debt By Living In A Camper – Ninja Budgeter

December 16  Why You Should Start a Blog Even Though You Probably Won’t Make Money From It

December 14  How I Earned Over $105,000 at Age 25 – The Mastermind Within

December 12  A Physicians Guide to Working Part Time – The Happy Philosopher

December 10  How We Paid Off $60,000 in Debt and Built a $90,000 Nest Egg in 3 Years – Apathy Ends

December 9  Life is About Finding Fulfilling Work, Not Saving Up Enough Money to Never Work Again

December 7  How I Bought 4 Fourplexes in 12 Months – 5AM Joel

December 5  How To Go From $22k Per Year To Six Figures. A Real Guide (No Ivy League. Not Quick. Not Easy.) – Chief Mom Officer

December 3  Furniture Flipping: My Ultimate Side Hustle – Living Life Loving Us

December 2  Collecting Wisdom’s 1 Month Anniversary

November 30  Using a House in Two Unique Ways to Earn $3,000+ per Month in Extra Income – Merry for Money

November 28  Travel Hacking Our Way to Hawaii for $11.20 per Person – Tread Lightly, Retire Early

November 26  Striking a Balance Between Doing What You Love and Doing What Pays the Bills – Matt Spillar

November 25  The Secret to Becoming Prolific

November 23  On Negotiating as a Woman – Three Year Experiment

November 21  How I Paid Off $50,000 In Debt and Bought Two Houses In Four Years – Ben Le Fort

November 19  Steps I Took to Grow My Net Worth By $200k in 3 Years – FI Introvert

November 18  Three Paths to a Higher Income

November 16  How this New Zealander discovered F.I., Downsized His Home, and Increased His Savings Rate to 40% – Your Money Blueprint

November 14  Earning Hundreds per Month Selling Items on eBay – Millionaire Dojo

November 13  The Secret to Accumulating Wealth: Aggregate Marginal Gains

November 12  How to Spend $100 per Person per Month on Food – The Debt Shrink

November 11  How My Partner Convinced Me to Retire Early – A Purple Life

November 9  Starting a Disc Golf Company – Fly to FI

November 7  Earning Hundreds per Month Selling Graphic Designs – Accidental FIRE

November 6  Buying a Cow as an Investment – Brendan Dale

November 5  Becoming a Full-Time Freelance Writer – Kenzi Writes

November 4  Earning $310 in a Single Month from Charging Electric Scooters – Young FIRE Knight

November 3  The Seven Core Principles Taught in Rich Dad Poor Dad

November 2  How One Lawyer Turned Writing Into a Side Hustle – Jennifer T. Chan

November 1  Earning $3,000+ per Month with Airbnb, Rover, DoorDash and More – Financial Panther

October 31  Top Four Lessons From The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

October 29  Taking a Gap Year in Bolivia – Corporate Monkey CPA

October 28  Visualizing the Insane Impact of Compound Interest in Later Years

October 25  How I Made Over $1,000 in One Month From Online Statistics Tutoring – Four Pillar Freedom

October 24  10 Short Lessons from 10 Fields That Have Had a Profound Impact On My Life

October 21  The Biggest Life Regret of Dying Hospital Patients

October 19  Why Negative Visualization Could Change Your Life.

October 17  Environment Often Matters More Than Motivation.

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