Young and the Invested


How the Section 179 Deduction Works

A look at the Section 179 deduction.

Should You Invest or Pay Off Student Loans

The classic decision of whether you should invest or pay off student loans.

How to Pay Zero Tax on Your Passive Income

Learn how to pay zero tax on your passive income.

How to Avoid Payday Loans with Other Credit Options

An overview of credit options available outside of payday loans.

How the Investment Tax Credit & Other Incentives Drive Dolar Energy

Background and explanation of all the incentives driving solar energy development in the U.S. and abroad.

Are Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin the Future?

Learn about the applications of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies for facilitating communication and commerce.

Microsoft Rewards Review: Worth Your Time?

Review of Microsoft Rewards, a program meant to reward loyal customers w/points redeemable toward MSFT & 3rd-party products & services.

Section 1231, 1245, and 1250 Property

This is a complete guide to all things Internal Revenue Code Section 1231, 1245, and 1250 Property related.

How to Use MACRS Depreciation Tables Like an Absolute Pro

Everything you ever wanted to know about MACRS depreciation.

Form 8594, Asset Acquisition Statement Explained!

If you’ve bought or sold a business, you’ll need to report the sale price to the IRS.

How to Use Reddit Churning for Travel Hacking

Learn about traveling the world for free, travel hacking, credit card churning, and the Reddit community which discusses it.

Condo vs. Apartment: What’s the Difference?

A piece describing the differences between a condo and an apartment.

9 Self-Employment Tax Deductions to Optimize Your Tax Return

Freelancers, side hustlers and business owners have more tax deductions available to them than employees. Learn about them here.

When is Having a Health Savings Account and HDHP a Bad Idea?

Is having a HDHP worth it to gain access to a HSA?

5 Simple Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

There’s one thing standing between you and financial freedom: your mortgage. Find out how to pay it off faster.

Tax Reform 2018: Understanding the Changes

A guide to the major changes seen under tax reform.

Tax Reform 2018: Understanding the Changes

A guide to the major changes seen under tax reform.

Curator’s Corner, Vol. 13

HSAs and financial advising links.

What is an HSA? The Ultimate Tax Shelter to Save Money

What is an HSA? The ultimate tax shelter for saving money. Learn about it and HSA-related retirement strategies.

Curator’s Corner, Vol. 12

Curated personal finance content from the last week.

Form W-2, What You Need to Know

A Form W-2 shows your total taxes withheld from your pay & is used to file your federal & states taxes. Here’s what you need to know.

Curator’s Corner, Vol. 11

A curation of the best personal finance content I find each week which might be relevant to you.