Tonya@Budget and the Beach


Lessons Learned From My Move to Boise

For me, the lesson was it wasn’t LA that was the problem, it was my perspective on my life and the world.

Feeling Ugly? Spend Money!

Marketers love to prey on your “weaknesses!”

Money Anxiety!!!

For all those experiencing some level of money anxiety, maybe you can relate to my story?

Call it a Midlife Opportunity, Not a Midlife Crisis

Getting real about this thing we called Midlife.

Why Are We so Quick to Judge?

Do we really know ALL the details of someone’s financial life?

2019: The Year of Strength

Each year I pick a theme for the year. For 2019, it’s about building mental and physical strength.

What to do When You’re Broke as F*ck!

Introducing Budgeta, the first accountant-prescribed solution for your financial woes that is safe, effective! 🙂

I Clean Airbnb Rentals as a Side Hustle, and Don’t Job Shame Me!

If you let pride get in the way of earning money, you could end up broke.

The Best Gift Money Can’t Buy

I don’t think you can really appreciate financial freedom until you’ve had success and lost it.

Best & Worst of the Cities I’ve Lived

A video of the best and worst things about each of the cities where I lived: Detroit, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Boise.

Dear HGTV, You’re Ruining My Life!

A tongue-in-cheek open letter to HGTV from a slightly discouraged lifelong renter.

FiFlex: Financial Flexiblity

For those where the pursuit of FIRE is slightly out of reach, aka, most of us.

15 Traits of a Strong Woman

I enlisted a group of my favorite female bloggers to tell me what makes them a strong woman.

I Was a Teenage Shoplifter

I never wanted for anything at that point in my life (except perhaps to feel accepted).

Quit Apologizing!

Why do we have to apologize for the things we want in life that don’t have any affect on anyone else? We don’t!

I Lived on an Average of $31,000 for 7 Years in Los Angeles

How I managed to live on such a low income for 7 years when I was freelancing. And I lived alone…by the beach!

Midlife Crisis?

My emotional journey moving to a new city. Is this a midlife crisis or just a phase?


This week I want to talk about getting rejected. What can you do when you get rejected? Find out!