How much does a wedding cost – an item by item breakdown of our expenses!

An item by item breakdown of the cost of our not so frugal wedding.

March 2019 Portfolio Review

I revisit some of my healthcare holdings and hit a new record in the latest portfolio review

A simple explanation of tax withholding, tax returns and tax refunds

A simple explanation of three commonly misused terms in the face of our favorite annual exercise; filing taxes!

February 2019 Dividend and Expense Review

I talk about investing my bonus, dividends for February and have a record savings rate month!

Getting that Nielsen Survey Money

A fun little post about my $16(SO FAR!) side hustle

9 Financial Bloggers Talk About Their Favorite Investing Books

9 bloggers discuss the investing books that made the biggest impact on them.

FIRE – Why I Want to Have the Option to Retire Early

A personal story about why I started on this journey and why it’s more than just retiring early for me.

February 2019 Portfolio Review

A review of the latest month of returns on my portfolio including my top 5 holdings in each account!

January 2019 Dividend and Expense Review

A dive into my dividends and expenses for January 2019 and my first 50% savings rate month of the year!

A Simple Explanation of How Tax Brackets Work

Inspired by a reddit post about a person turning down a $2000 bonus to pay less taxes. DOH!

My 2019 Financial Goals

Nine goals for 2019, here’s to a great year of savings!

How I more than tripled my Pinterest views in 30 days

5 easy tips to skyrocket your Pinterest views and improve your engagements in no time at all!

The 2018 Annual Goal Review!

2018 financial goals reviewed and discussed!

2018 Portfolio Returns and January Portfolio update

In this post, I discuss my 2018 individual and overall returns, my holdings and updated my portfolio for January 2019.

December Dividend Review – $10,000 in annual dividends

The last dividend update for 2018 with a new monthly record and the first time I hit $10,000 in annual dividends.

My thoughts on M1 Finance

An in depth review of the new free trading platform, M1 Finance.

5 Attainable Personal Goals for 2019

Join me in pursuing personal growth in 2019!

What makes you happy interview 2 – 101 ways to find happiness

Interview with Adam from Minafi, the second in my series on finding happiness

December 2018 Portfolio Review

Portfolio review for December 2018 after a volatile month


Some good news for those of us maxing their 401k(or like account), IRA and even the HSA!

The Three Best Beginner Investing Books

Quick roundup of the best three books for beginner investors.