Mr. The Poor Swiss


Kuaishou – The weird Chinese side hustle of Mrs. The Poor Swiss

Kuaishou is a Chinese mobile application that lets you live stream your life. It could be a profitable side hustle for not too much time.

What Would You Do If You Got Given 1 Million dollars?

A thought experiment about what would I do if I were given one million dollars!

Not all assets are created equal – Introducing the FI net worth

There are many different kinds of assets in your net worth. Some will help towards financial independence but some won’t!

A weekend in Brussels, Belgium – Beautiful monuments and good beer

Brussels is a quite nice city in Belgium. There are many monuments to see and many great beers to drink.

Automating your personal finances is a mistake

Find out many reasons why automating your finances may be a bad idea. It is simply a lazy option that may end up being expensive!

November Brussels & Shopping Update

November 2018 – Brussels and too much shopping!

How we saved 50 CHF with our vegetable garden

Find out how we saved 50 CHF with our vegetable garden. The vegetables are worth 50 CHF more than what we paid!

Who is John Bogle? Founder of Vanguard

Find out all there is to know about John Bogle, a great man and the founder of Vanguard!

What kind of FIRE are you?

Find out the details about the different FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early): Lean FIRE, Fat FIRE, …

Fair comparison of brokers: InteractiveBrokers Tiered Pricing

A complete comparison of DEGIRO and Interactive Brokers, including the Tiered pricing of Interactive Brokers.

What makes Vanguard unique?

Find out 5 things that makes Vanguard a totally unique mutual fund company!

How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly Book Review

How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly is a very good book by William Bernstein. Find out my review about this book.

How much will you spend in retirement?

Find out the many things you need to consider if you want to estimate your retirement expenses.

5 Sure Ways to reach Financial Independence

Find out about 5 different sure ways to reach Financial Independence (FI). There is not a single path to FI!

7 Simple Steps to change your bank account

Find out 7 simple steps to change your main bank account!

Should you contribute to your second pillar ?

Should you contribute to your second pillar? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of investing into it.

How to build a nice shoe rack for 35$

Find out how to build a nice shoe rack in a few easy steps for only 35$. There are many options to build this shoe rack

October 2018 – Quiet Month and Stock Market Correction

Find out how we saved 55% of our income in October 2018!

Is DEGIRO really cheaper than Interactive Brokers?

In-depth comparison about the fees of DEGIRO versus Interactive Brokers for a fund investor.

7 Simple ways to grow your career income

Follow these 7 simple way and grow your career income

Money lessons from animated series – South Park #1

Learn money lessons from five South Park episodes!

Seven blogs on FIRE I really like

Find out my seven favorite blogs on Personal Finance and FIRE

Grow your income or spend less to reach FI?

Should you try to grow your income or reduce your expenses to reach FI faster?

7 simple things to do to keep your food budget small

Find out how you can reduce your food budget with 7 simple tips