Mr. The Poor Swiss


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N26 is a digital bank offering transfers in other currencies for free! Not only that, but the entire bank account is actually free!

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April 2019 โ€“ More French and More Ski

Find out all that happened to us and our finances in April 2091

Switzerland is unfair to married couples

In Switzerland, married couples are paying more than if they were living together but not married!

Cars are not the evil of personal finance!

Contrary to some popular belief, cars are not as bad as people would like you to think!

Interactive Brokers multiple user interfaces

Interactive Brokers has many user interfaces: Account Management, WebTrader, TWS and the mobile application. Let’s see which one to use!

What is currency inflation? How to fight it?

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ETF Portfolio with European ETFs

Find out how to design an ETF portfolio with only European ETFs and no U.S. ETFs

How to avoid lifestyle inflation?

Lifestyle inflation is a very big problem but there are many ways to avoid this issue!

Find out about the only free Swiss credit card with a cashback of 1%

What is compound interest? Is it really magic?

Compound interested is a powerful tool, but what is, really? Is it magic?

The Poor Swiss versus the Average Swiss Household

We compared our household to the average Swiss household. When we compare with the average Swiss household, our expenses are not that bad!