Mr. The Poor Swiss


What is currency inflation? How to fight it?

Currency inflation means that your money is worth less every year, how can you fight it?

ETF Portfolio with European ETFs

Find out how to design an ETF portfolio with only European ETFs and no U.S. ETFs

How to avoid lifestyle inflation?

Lifestyle inflation is a very big problem but there are many ways to avoid this issue!

Find out about the only free Swiss credit card with a cashback of 1%

What is compound interest? Is it really magic?

Compound interested is a powerful tool, but what is, really? Is it magic?

The Poor Swiss versus the Average Swiss Household

We compared our household to the average Swiss household. When we compare with the average Swiss household, our expenses are not that bad!

Can you retire early without a blog?

A lot of early retirees also get a large income from their successful blogs in retirement. Can you retire early without that extra income?

Yield Curve Inversion: Should we panic?

Last month, the yield curve inverted. Find out what this really means and whether we should panic or not!

Interview of Daniel Peter, CEO of VIAC

VIAC is the best provider of third pillars in Switzerland, its CEO is telling you everything about it 🙂

How to choose an index ETF portfolio

Learn how to design an ETF portfolio from scratch!

S&P 500 Index – Invest in 500 companies at once!

Find out exactly what is the S&P500 and how to invest in this popular index

8 Frugal tips for ski for less in Switzerland

Skiing in Switzerland is expensive, but there are many tips to make it cheaper!

How to choose an index fund such as an ETF

Comparing two ETFs is not an easy thing, find out the detailed steps you can use to compare them!

Our Health Plan for 2019 – Retire healthy and early

For 2019, we have defined a health plan in order to improve our health and not only our finances!

Interview of Patrik Schär – CEO of Selma, Robo-Advisor

Find out what is Selma, leading Swiss robo-advisor and the team behind it!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying – The Konmari Method

Find out about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying book, about the Konmari method for tidying. Tidy once and never have to tidy again!

How to choose a stock market index to invest into

Find out how to compare different stock market indexes such as the S&P500 and the Russell 3000 index.

Five Money lessons from The Simpsons

Find out about five money lessons that we can learn from the Simpsons, don’t follow Homer’s path!

What is the Russell 3000 Index?

Find out about the Russell 3000 index, an automated index with the 3000 largest companies from the United States.

Best Personal Finance Books

Find out about the best personal finance books I have read! Learn about investing, millionaires and even minimalism!

February 2019 – China, dowry and ski

Find out how we saved 32% of our income in February and how a Chinese is learning to ski in Switzerland!

How to change broker and transfer your portfolio

Find out several ways to change from one broker to another and transfer your portfolio to the new one.

Interview of Marc Pittet author of Financially Free by 40, in Switzerland

Interview of Marc Pittet, author of the future book, Financially Free by 40, in Switzerland

25 money saving life hacks for 2019

Find out about 25 money-saving life hacks that could help you save money in 2019.

How I saved more than 50% on one Amazon purchase

Find out how I saved more than 50% on one Amazon purchase by having it delivered in another country!