Mr. The Poor Swiss


How I saved more than 50% on one Amazon purchase

Find out how I saved more than 50% on one Amazon purchase by having it delivered in another country!

How much we spent in 2018 – Detailed expenses report

Find out how much we spent in 2018 and exactly on what we spent our money!

Buy or Rent – Which is right for you?

Find out the pros and cons of buying your home versus renting it.

The Russell 3000 Index

Find out what is the Russell 3000 Index, it is tracking the performance of the largest companies in the U.S. Stock Market.

How much do you spend to work?

You are probably spending more than you think to work!

My 2019 Goals – More ambitious and original

Find out what my 2019 goals are. After simple goals in 2018, I tried to make my 2019 goals more ambitious and more original.

Good New for Revolut: Swiss IBAN and banking license

Revolut just got two big new changes: They got a European Banking License and a Swiss IBAN. Swiss people can now transfer money for free!

Swiss investors will lose access to US-domiciled ETFs

Starting in 2020, U.S. domiciled funds will not be available to Swiss investors. DEGIRO decided to enforce this early!

2018 Goals Review – Too easy!

My review of my goals for 2018. I passed almost all of them, they were mostly too simply. I will need more difficult goals for 2019.

6 Different Reasons to invest in Real Estate

Find out 6 different reasons you should invest in real estate, from diversification to high returns.

6 different ways to grow your income

Find out 6 different ways to grow your income and earn some extra money. You can focus on your career or start a side hustle for example.

What would I do if I retired?

Find out what I would do if I retired! There are many things I would more in my life if I had more time.

Money lessons from animated series

Find out about 5 lessons you can learn from watching Family Guy episodes. Even from such a show, you can learn many things!

Kuaishou – The weird Chinese side hustle of Mrs. The Poor Swiss

Kuaishou is a Chinese mobile application that lets you live stream your life. It could be a profitable side hustle for not too much time.

What Would You Do If You Got Given 1 Million dollars?

A thought experiment about what would I do if I were given one million dollars!

Not all assets are created equal – Introducing the FI net worth

There are many different kinds of assets in your net worth. Some will help towards financial independence but some won’t!

A weekend in Brussels, Belgium – Beautiful monuments and good beer

Brussels is a quite nice city in Belgium. There are many monuments to see and many great beers to drink.

Automating your personal finances is a mistake

Find out many reasons why automating your finances may be a bad idea. It is simply a lazy option that may end up being expensive!

November Brussels & Shopping Update

November 2018 – Brussels and too much shopping!

How we saved 50 CHF with our vegetable garden

Find out how we saved 50 CHF with our vegetable garden. The vegetables are worth 50 CHF more than what we paid!

Who is John Bogle? Founder of Vanguard

Find out all there is to know about John Bogle, a great man and the founder of Vanguard!

What kind of FIRE are you?

Find out the details about the different FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early): Lean FIRE, Fat FIRE, …

Fair comparison of brokers: InteractiveBrokers Tiered Pricing

A complete comparison of DEGIRO and Interactive Brokers, including the Tiered pricing of Interactive Brokers.

What makes Vanguard unique?

Find out 5 things that makes Vanguard a totally unique mutual fund company!

How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly Book Review

How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly is a very good book by William Bernstein. Find out my review about this book.