Stop Being HOLI-DAZED. 27 Ways to Unwind this Christmas.

27 Ways to unwind during Christmas. Including pro budgeting tips. Don’t let the stress of the Christmas holiday get you down.

Writing that Wowed Me (12-7-2018)

A collection of articles and books that I enjoyed this past week.

Goals for December 2018

Tracking my goals over seven different categories. Monthly, we analyze 14 total goals.

November 2018 Net Worth

A Bitcoin nosedive, real estate improvement, and loan repayments. Our November Net Worth.

Are You Underinsured?

If you are carrying state-mandated minimum car insurance limits you are at risk of being underinsured.

Budgeting for Christmas with Cash

The Christmas gift-giving season can be a budget buster for most. Follow this plan to stay out of debt.

I Curtailed the Ripoff Car Insurance in our Budget

Canceling services that are no longer used frees up your income to work for you.

110+ Ways to Use a Sinking Fund

Here are 110+ ways to use sinking funds to reduce the turbulence in your budget.

The Gas Station Bathroom of Fire Budgets

As in, I can’t look at it… but I have to use it. I’ll just breathe through my mouth and power through it.

Writing that Wowed Me This Week

The weekly roundup of writing that interests me.

October 2018 Income and Spending

This month we analyze our income and spending. Where did we succeed? Where did we fail? How did we do overall?

Future Value of Money: Why it Matters

What is money spent today worth towards your Financial Independence goals?

Apple Watch: A Love Story

Why this expensive purchase has value even in a FIRE household.

Goals for November

Tracking my goals over seven different categories. Monthly, we analyze 14 total goals including…

Net Worth Update for October

What has October done for our FIRE plan?

Writing that Wowed Me (Halloween 2018)

A collection of spooky Halloween financial articles for your ghoulish delight.