The Fioneers


Coast to Financial Independence Through Semi-Retirement

With Michelle from Frugality and Freedom, learn how she’s coasting to FI through intentional semi-retirement

When to Quit Your Side Hustle (with Josh Overmyer)

The second interview of the slowing down to FI series, Josh Overmyer discusses why he quit his side hustle.

Discovering your Ideal Life through Full-Time Travel

Featuring Wanderlust Wendy, this is the first interview in our #SlowingdowntoFI interview series.

How to Create a Financial Independence Bucket List

Through the pursuit of financial freedom, I can envision my ideal life and make it happen. Creating a FI bucket list is one way to do that.

Busyness is NOT a Virtue

Why you are too busy and what you can do about it.

Overcoming Severe Anxiety

In the last 6 months, I’ve gone from being unable to work because of severe anxiety to thriving. Here’s how I made it through.

5 Warning Signs it’s Time to Get a New Job

I’ve stuck with jobs too long. After my most recent depressive episode, I’ve learned the warning signs that you should walk (or run) away.

Two Proven Hacks to Stop Spending Money

I used to spend money without even thinking about it. When I was introduced to FI, I learned these 2 mental hacks that changed everything.

Meaningful work, intentionality, and adventure: Q&A with The Fioneers

City Frugal’s first interview in a series on how to reach FI in a big city. Featuring The Fioneers.

The Nonprofit Rat Race and Why to Join it

Many people dream of working toward a cause after they reach FI. My question is: Why wait?

How to be Intentional with your Friend Spending

We believe that you should spend your money on things you value, but our friend spending was out of hand. We needed to be more intentional.

My Motivation for Financial Independence

It took me a long time to decide to pursue FI. I knew how to achieve it, but I wasn’t yet motivated to take the plunge.

Our Plan to Financial Independence

We can retire before 40 by increasing our income, decreasing our expenses, and optimizing wealth accumulation strategies

Why I Wanted to be Poor: Debunking the Scarcity Mindset

My unexamined beliefs about money were holding me back. My paradigm has shifted to one of abundance and purpose.