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How To Save Money On Contact Lenses

Comparing contact lens prices and finding the best deals has never been easier.

Easy Retirement Calculator

If you aren’t sure how much you should be saving for retirement, we’ve got your back with this easy retirement calculator.

5 Ways Marie Kondo Can Help With Your Financial Goals

If you think Marie Kondo’s methods only help you clean out your house, then you’re missing a big opportunity.

Is It Bad To Close A Credit Card?

Have you considered closing a credit card? Will it hurt your credit? You have questions, we have answers.

2019 W4 Form – Why You Should Update It

If you typically receive a fat tax refund, don’t get too excited. It means you overpaid and gave uncle sam an interest free loan.

You Need A High Interest Savings Account

So how much interest would that $1 million earn if you put it into a savings account that only earned 0.01%? $100 per year. A HUNDRED bucks!

How To Use The KonMari Method By Marie Kondo To Save Money

Do you know how to use Marie Kondo’s KonMari method to save money? Find happiness with what you have AND have more money. See how:

5 Ways You Haven’t Considered To Make Or Save Extra Money

Whether you are affected by the gov’t shutdown or simply looking for extra cash, these tips are sure to help.

How To Budget

People think a budget is a way to reign yourself in. But really, it’s not about cutting back. It’s about focusing your money on what matters

The W4 Form and How to Complete It

A W4 form should be updated every time you go through a major life event like having a child. This helps you pay the right amount of taxes.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Growing up in poverty, I couldn’t believe my luck as the private jet landed in Vail for a ski trip. But it taught me what money can’t buy.

How To Start Investing

We didn’t start investing until years after we started working. We thought investing was too hard. We were wrong.

What Is Compound Interest – Actually.

Compound interest is a simple concept, yet most people can’t explain it clearly in simple terms. Until now.

What is an IRA?

Do you know what an IRA is? Here’s a perfect primer for those looking to learn about personal finance.

Healthy Habits – Being Unhealthy Is Expensive

Healthy habits are important and don’t have to be hard. But it will greatly improve your life and increase the quality.

How To Fill Out the 2018 W4

You don’t need to wait until you get a new job to update your W4!

Your New Car Payment Will Delay Your Retirement By Years

The average new car payment is $523 per month. The kicker is that this will cost you over $1Million in lifetime dollars.

Should I Refinance My Student Loans

Graduating from school with $225,000 of student loans, I knew I had to get this right.

From Poverty to the Ivy League: Lessons Learned

Losing my dad when I was 7 turned my life upside down. Yet somehow, I ended up at Harvard. Read more

How To Make A Budget – Step By Step

If you want to create wealth, run your finances like a business does. Create a monthly budget!