The Debt Shrink


How to Start Decluttering: Physical Clutter

Whether to save money, reduce stress, or for the environment, many people are decluttering their lives. Here are easy tips to get started.

How to Start Decluttering: Pantry Clutter

Cleaning out your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry can help make for a cleaner, less cluttered home. It may also reduce food waste and save

Net Worth Calculation

Change of mindset from “Can I make the monthly payments?” to “How will it affect my net worth?”

20 Things We Do Everyday That Waste Money

Here are 20 things we do everyday that waste money.

When All Your Dough Is Eaten By Pizza

How much money are you spending eating out?

How Long Can You Go Without Pay?

Whether it’s due to a government shutdown, natural disaster, or illness, how long can you go without pay?

Healthy, Inexpensive Foods for People Who Don’t Cook

Contrary to popular belief, the culinary impaired don’t need to resort to the drive-thru, vending machine, or boxed/frozen/prepackaged meals

The One Minute Rule

Think how often we say “I’ll do it later.” If there’s something that can be done in one minute or less, do it right away.

You’re Not a Failure, You Just Need SMARTER Goals

When it comes to my approach to personal finance, I apply what I know about motivation, behavior change, and SMARTER goals.

10 Healthy Changes That Can Save You Money

Being sick is expensive! Here are 10 healthy changes you can make that will also save you money.

I’ll Show You Mine: 2018 Q4 and Year Over Year Expenses

I was shocked to see that I blew my food budget over the past few months. See how my 2018 expenses compared to the previous two years.

How Much Is Coffee Costing You?

Thinking about small changes that can save you a lot of money over time? Consider how much recurring purchases like coffee are costing you.

I Can’t Believe I’m 40! Personal and Financial Goals for 2019

As this is a milestone year for me, I am sharing my successes and failures. Here are the goals I had for 2018, and new goals for this year.

The Debt Shrink: Best of 2018

A summary of the 5 most popular articles from The Debt Shrink, and a peek at my personal and professional plans for the next year.

Inspiring Reads: December 2018

Here are 6 reads from around the web this month that inspired me, including She Picks Up Pennies, Zach’s post on GRS, RB40, Costa Rica Fire

Don’t Throw That Out, I’ll Eat It!

Food waste in the US is between 30% – 40%, or about a pound of food per person a day! Here are simple food storage hacks to reduce waste.

Inspiring Reads: Holiday Edition 2018

I don’t like how holidays have been replaced with expectations of shopping. Here are 5 inspiring reads to remind us what’s truly important.

Why Santa Doesn’t Come to My House

Here’s why Santa is not a part of Christmas for my children.

Restaurant Meals at Home

Eating out is expensive! Here are 3 of my favorite restaurant dishes that can be re-created at home for a fraction of the price.

How I’ve Dealt with Depression During the Holidays

Many people experience depression during the holidays. Here’s how I actively managed my feelings of loneliness during the holiday season.

Save Money, Save the World

How did it ever become okay to use something once then, throw it away? The answer: great marketing because it makes companies money.

6 Ideas for Handmade Christmas Gifts

The best gifts I’ve received are those that cannot be purchased in any store. Here are some ideas for gifts you can make at home.

Fewer Than 1% Received Loan Forgiveness

Considering the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program? Know that only 0.003% of applicants had their loans forgiven. Here’s why

3 Things Recent College Grads Need to Know About Money

After years of preparing for a career while living off student loans, it’s time to start adulting. Here are 3 things to know about money

Affordable Mental Health Treatment

Money should never be a barrier to receiving mental health services. There are a number of free or affordable resources. Here are a few.