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Inspirational Reads: November 2018

Most inspirational personal finance posts from around the web in November 2018

Which Benefits Should I Sign Up for At Work?

With so many different types of insurances and retirement plans, it may seem like you need a Master’s degree to make sense of them all.

Why I Stopped Budgeting for Gifts to Save Money

Instead of a budget, I make a list and stick to it: one thing they want, need, wear, and read

10 Gifts That Save Money

Know someone who loves to save money, but you don’t want to give them a gift card? Consider giving these gifts.

Is Fast Food Really Cheaper?

Favorite fast food meals were compared in price to similar meals from the grocery store. Which were less expensive?

Reasons to be Thankful: How the Other Half Really Live

Many of us are striving for the “top 1%,” but we’re already among the wealthiest people in this world.

Things I Don’t Buy for the Holidays

While I love giving my children gifts for Christmas, here are 7 things I don’t buy for the holidays.

Gasoline Saving Tips: What is Hypermiling

We are approaching one of the busiest travel times of the year. I’ve compiled the best tips to save money on gas.

3 Most Inspirational Personal Finance Posts on the Internet

There are a lot of great PF blogs, but these 3 articles inspired me the most.

10 Things I Don’t Buy My Kids (and 10 Things I Do Buy Them)

Fewer toys is associated with more creative play. I focus on healthful habits, family time, and skill development.

ACT to Save Money from a Psychologist’s Perspective

Inspired by a form of therapy called ACT, make a shift in mindset from saving money to knowing what you really value.