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12 Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight During Parties

Holidays and other celebrations are my weakness. These tips will make it easier to make healthy choices during parties and get-togethers.

How Much is Stress Costing You?

If we want our situations to change and health to improve, then we need to do something different. So how do we manage stress?

Best Documentaries that Inspire Living A Better Life

Peeking into the world of the über rich, seeing images of what we are doing to our planet, and opening doors of middle-class family homes

How to Overcome Challenges

There were times when I felt hopeless and wanted to give up, especially when I faced a setback. But I kept moving forward, and it paid off!

How 5 People Live Off 1 Income: March 2019 expenses

March came with a surprise. Our refrigerator died! So how did we handle this? Here’s a look into how my family f 5 lives off 1 income.

What Curious George Taught Me About Composting

The average American spends $1,500 a year on wasted food. 90% of food scraps end up in landfills. Composting can save the earth & save money

Do You Really Need That Refrigerator?

People spend thousands of dollars on a huge appliance that runs 24 hours a day to keep their food chilled. Do we really need that fridge?

Inspiring Reads: March 2019

This month I was inspired by readings about decisions we make in our career, doing meaningful work and, of course, pursuing FI.

Portion Distortion: Are You Spending Money on More Food Than You Need?

With such a large portion of our budgets going to food, it’s sad to think we’re paying money for calories we don’t need or want!

Why I Don’t Shop Online

Despite the seeming advantages of online shopping, there are a number of disadvantages for our wallets and our environment.

How Much Money Can You Save on Meatless Meals?

Even if you aren’t vegetarian, you may be thinking about eating more fruits and veggies. We did the math to see how much you can save.

How to Eat Healthy While Dining Out

Dining out can have a major effect on our food budget, as well as our health. So how do we eat healthy while dining out?

What It’s Like to be a Stay-At-Home Dad

I have been a stay-at-home-Dad for 9 years. I joked that I could do the job because ESPN is on 24 hours a day. Ha! Did I have it wrong!

My First (and Maybe Last) “No-Spend” Month: Victories and Lessons Learned

I set out to make February 2019 my first no-spend month; it’s the shortest month of the year, so – easy right?

Best Vegetarian Restaurant Meals

Whether to save money, save a life, save the planet, or religious reasons, many are going meatless. But I don’t want to spend $8 on salad!

100 Ways to Save Money

To celebrate The Debt Shrink’s 100th post, we share 100 money saving tips and give thanks to some of our biggest supporters. Thanks CW!

Mom is “Lazy”: Thoughts on Stay-At-Home Parenting

My husband has been a stay-at-home dad for the past 9 years while I have been the sole earner for our family of 5. I’m “lazy” because I work

How 5 People Live Off 1 Income: February 2019 Expenses

My family of 5 lives off one income. Here are our expenses for February 2019. How do our expenses compare to yours?

13 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

When you are preparing meals at home everyday, there are some kitchen gadgets that make life so much easier. Here is our list of must-haves.

How to Eat Food: Making Sense of Food Labels

Calories, sugars, carbs, nutrients, and ingredients I can’t pronounce. Healthy eating shouldn’t be this complicated!

Inspiring Reads: February 2019

When I read blogs, I look for ones that inspire and motivate me to move closer to my values and goals. Here are my top 7 picks for Feb 2019.

Is Homemade Food Really Cheaper?

We all assume that preparing items at home saves money. But until now I never did the math. Spoiler: not everything we made was cheaper.

Simple Steps for Better Health

As a Health Psychologist, I wholeheartedly believe that exercise is one of the best medicines for the body and the mind.

Are You Guilty of Financial Infidelity?

Money and infidelity are said to be the top two reasons for divorce. If you are hiding purchases from your partner you may be guilty of both

‘Planetary Health Diet’ Grocery Haul

How eating healthy can save money and save the planet.