The Debt Shrink


Why You Shouldn’t Value Saving Money

We always want more money. Instead of valuing saving money, set financial goals that help move us closer to what’s most important.

Breaking Free from the Golden Handcuffs

People work jobs they hate to afford a lifestyle that they think will make them happy. But they are miserable. How do we break free?

How to Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Home

Housing is our largest expense. Tips to help those buying a home, as well as current homeowners who still want to save money.

3 Best TED Talks To Inspire Living a Better Life

Find work-life balance, define your life purpose, and take a peek into how the rest of the world lives. Here are three of the best TED talks

How Do I Know If I’m Still Middle Class?

How do I know whether I am considered middle class? What is middle class anyway?

How 5 People Live Off 1 Income: May 2019 Expenses

There were no car problems, appliance failures, or other major costs this month. So why did my May 2019 expenses still come in over budget?

How Much Does a Family of 5 Spend on Food?

With food being a necessity and our most expensive variable cost, people are looking for ways to spend less on food and still eat healthy.

Inspiring Reads: May 2019

Caring about what others think, being car-poor, buying a house, recognizing cognitive biases, and teaching kids about personal finance.

Has Eating Replaced Shopping as A Form of Entertainment?

Our shift from “consumers” of stuff to livers of life is a welcome one. But often our “experiences” center around going out to eat.

Farmers Market Finds

Farmers markets used to be a place to support local growers while getting a fair price for produce. Now, you don’t know what you’ll find.

Lessons from Running My First 5K

Accomplishing a goal feels exhilarating. I experienced that when I paid off my student loans. And again after running in my first 5K.

What Are Your Most Valued Posessions?

There are many things I want and love, but they can’t be found in stores. So what are my most valued possessions?

Best Hacks for Saving Time and Money Cleaning

Sure, you can get your kids to do the dirty work. But chances are you are doing the cleaning. Save time and money: hacks to keep it simple.

When Your Friends Make More Money Than You

Once our basic needs are met, money does not increase happiness. Yet it’s hard not to compare our lives to those of our friends.

How I Lost 20 Pounds in 15 Weeks

Forget pills, gym memberships, or diet foods. I lost 20 pounds and it didn’t cost me a cent. In fact, I saved money.

How 5 People Live Off 1 Income: April 2019 Expenses

It’s always something. Here’s a look into my family’s April 2019 expenses and how we live off one middle-class income.

Why Am I So Hangry?

Over half of Americans don’t take a lunch break. If you’re finding yourself hangry during the day, this may be why.

If Mindfulness Is Simple, Then Why Can’t I Relax?

What is the difference between relaxation, distraction, and mindfulness? And how do I know if I’m doing it right?

Inspiring Reads: April 2019

I hate April Fools. But it is a good reminder that things aren’t always what they seem.

12 Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight During Parties

Holidays and other celebrations are my weakness. These tips will make it easier to make healthy choices during parties and get-togethers.

How Much is Stress Costing You?

If we want our situations to change and health to improve, then we need to do something different. So how do we manage stress?

Best Documentaries that Inspire Living A Better Life

Peeking into the world of the über rich, seeing images of what we are doing to our planet, and opening doors of middle-class family homes

How to Overcome Challenges

There were times when I felt hopeless and wanted to give up, especially when I faced a setback. But I kept moving forward, and it paid off!

How 5 People Live Off 1 Income: March 2019 expenses

March came with a surprise. Our refrigerator died! So how did we handle this? Here’s a look into how my family f 5 lives off 1 income.

What Curious George Taught Me About Composting

The average American spends $1,500 a year on wasted food. 90% of food scraps end up in landfills. Composting can save the earth & save money