I’ve just started my road to FIRE, and I got some years left before leaving the corporate world. Reading all those other FIRE-blogs made me want to make a blog for my own journey. As of january 2019 my net worth is currently aprox. 150.000 $, which 130.000 of these $ are invested in index funds. On this blog I will write about my path to financial independence (FI). Therefore I will cover themes within personal economy, personal growth, life philosophy and other topics related to FI.


Route 2 FI Interview series – #3 A Purple Life

Want to know @APurpleLifeBlog a little better?

Read my interview with her here!

My 12 Investing Principles

Expect markets to fall 10% once a year, 20% once in couple of years and 30% fall at least once a decade. This is unavoidable. Have patience.

This Is How I Keep Motivation To Stay In The Rat Race!

I think I’ll start with cutting 5 work days down to 4, and then 4 down to 3.

Perhaps 3 days of work and 4 days with passion is the ideal?

Route 2 FI Interview series – #2 One Million Journey

Tony invests in a firm which owns an algotrading software. This software trades the EUR/USD currency.

Has anyone tried this for investing?

Bloggers on FIRE!

We talk about:
-What my FI exit strategy is
-My wildest dream
-What I want to do when I reach FI

Route 2 FI Interview series – #1 Wannabe Walden

Interview nr. 1 is with “WannabeWalden”.

Read why he hates the 4 % rule and argues that you can be FI way earlier than everybody else!

Net worth update #4 – March 2019

My portfolio was up 4,27 % in february 2019.

In conclusion my total net worth is now 169.907 USD $, up 11.680 $ from last month!

February 2019 Income & Expenses

My income was 4752 $ and my expenses was 1855,9 $. This month’s savings rate was 61 %. 2447 $ was invested in index funds this month.

Will I ever be content with where I am on my path to Financial Independence?

In february 2019 my net worth peaked 150.000 $. But I was still feeling the same. Read more here.

What I Learned Today That Amazed Me About My Financial Future!

The world is beautiful, there is so much life out there. Why do we choose to live the dreading cubicle life when we got other possibilities?

How I plan using 1,25 : 1 leverage to my stock portfolio to reach financial independence faster!

Normally I buy stocks for aprox. 2500 – 3000 $ every month. But what if I used leverage to buy stocks every month for 2500 $ extra?

Net worth update #3 – February 2019

My portfolio was up 6,21 % in january 2019. In conclusion my total net worth is now 158.227 USD (up 10.664 $ from last month).

January 2019 Income & Expenses

My income was 4873 $ and my expenses was 2659 $. This month’s savings rate was 49 %. 3080 $ was invested in index funds this month.

The 2 Most Important Things Every Investor Should Do When The Market Drops!

I hate the stock market! Why didn’t I just leave my money in the bank? My portfolio is down around – 7 % overall for 2018!

Why I’m So Damn Afraid To Follow My Passion

Sitting at your senior home at 80 thinking, man, what if I had just tried to follow my dreams when I was young? That’s terrifying.

Lesson To Myself part II: Why Minimalism Changed My Life And Saved Me Tons Of Money

For 3 years I now have been working 40 hour weeks for the purpose of buying more and have more. But all the way there was nothing I wanted.

Lesson To Myself part I: What Would Happen If I Became More Like “The Mexican Fisherman”

The truth is that I’m a coward. All my life I have chosen the safest paths. Why am I grinding so hard for that 9-5 life I don’t love?

Why the 9 steps in “Your Money Or Your Life” reduced my route to FI from 15 to 8 years!

“Your Money Or Your Life” helped me raise my salary 14 % up to 76k, raise my savings rate from 35 to 60 % and reduce my expenses 29 %.

Net worth update #2 – January 2019

My index fund portfolio was down 6,72 % in 2018 (consisting of aprox. 70 % MSCI World and 30 % MSCI Emerging Markets).

December 2018 Income & Expenses

This was a special month, because I’m at a vacation in Thailand, Australia and Singapore. My december savings rate was 46 %, which I think

My goals for 2019 and my WHY for FI

In 2019 my goal is to save 3000 $ in january, and then save 100 $ more each month. In february I will save 3100 $, in march 3200 $ and so o

25 Powerful Lessons From Jeff Olson’s “The Slight Edge” That Might Change Your Life!

You already have the money. You already have the time. You
already have the skill, the confidence. You already have everything you need to

Weekend Reads #3

Great blogposts that I recommend this week from:
1. Four Pillar Freedom
2. Money on Fire
3. Millionaire Mob

Net Worth Update #1 – December 2018

As you all know my goal is to save up 600.000 $.
2018 has really been a flat market, but anyway it’s motivating to see that I can safely…

November 2018 Income & Expenses

This month’s savings rate was 61 %, which I think is quite good! Everytime I think about savings rate Mr. Money Mustache’s figure pops into