Travel Hacking Disney: Resources & Lessons Learned

I’m taking my family to Disney and wanted to share some resources and lessons I’ve learned!

Net worth update #5!

How much did I save this month?

3 Keys to Christmas Budgeting

Budgeting is hard. Even in general. Let alone in the most pressure filled time of year to buy, buy, buy.

Emulating Walt Disney to envision my life

Walt Disney had a plan for his business very early on. I’ve done the same with my life.

Gratitude, not money, is the bottom line

Having a firm grasp on your finances is important but isn’t the most important thing.

Net worth isn’t important

Tracking your net worth? Maybe you should stop. At the very least add this to your arsenal of metrics.

Net worth Update #4! Going down with the markets!

Another networth update. I barely squeaked out a positive as the markets drug me down!

Setting up systems in your life

Life is about hard work but using systems make that work more effective and more efficient. Here is where I use them.

70k in debt (how I started adulthood)

Looking back I stepped into the real world in a massive hole.

My daily routine

Chief Mom Officer and I have both put out our daily routines. Check them out!

Don’t make retirement savings into climate change

Climate change and retirement saving are both long term problems. Make saving a short term one!

Putting in the work; the secret to getting everything you want in life

People make success so difficult. Its not hard. Its as simple as putting in the work every day

3 keys I used to add 250k to my net worth

Net worth right after college to +250k in 7 years. Here’s how I did it.