What Will Tank Your Frugality, Fast

We consider ourselves money-wise. But occasionally, all our hard-and-fast money rules fly out the window. Here’s when & what we do about it.

Visualizing the Best & Worst Investment Periods in History

These charts show the best and worst S&P 500 investment periods in history.

Your Negative Mindset Could Be Your Biggest Expense

Everything in your life is impacted by how you think.

The FIRE Movement is Here to Stay

Some say we’ve hit peak FIRE. Whether or not that’s true, I believe that FIRE is not about to go away.

Online Business in 2019: Q&A with “Finance and Freedom”

Check out this exclusive interview with Noah from Finance and Freedom. We talk online marketing in 2019, side hustles for college students,

4 Reasons to Never Buy A New Car

I feel like this is pretty relevant with all the media talking about how 7 million people are 3 months or more behind on their car note….

Seven Steps to Turn Your Hobby Into a Money Maker

Practical steps that can be used for a profitable side hustle, or even a full-time business.

How to Retire Early on an Income of $30,000 a Year

You can use location independence to achieve financial independence with a very low salary.

Tax Bracket Visualization and Calculator

Interactive Sankey Diagram of Tax Brackets – Enter your income and see how income is distributed among different tax brackets

Visualizing the Wealthiest and Poorest County in Every State

This map shows the wealthiest and poorest county in every state in the U.S.

Broken Window Theory And Why It Matters To Your Financial Well-being

The habit of looking at purchases as simple monthly payments encourages your mind to think short term

What happens if you apply the Konmari method to your financial life?

Applying decluttering principles to your life could have a huge impact on your finances.

How to Ruin Your Investment Portfolio (Part II: Technical Analysis)

Technical Analysis is mostly BS, but here’s a technically analyzed strategy that does work.

Review: Side-Hustling with Wag

Wag! is the uber of dog-walking, and I tried it out to write this review. Warning: lots of dog pictures ahead!

On Becoming ‘Mostly’ Mustachian

The story of how one family has become “mostly” Mustachian in their financial ways.

Curator’s Corner, Vol. 11

A curation of the best personal finance content I find each week which might be relevant to you.

Does a Trade Job Offer a Better Career Path than a College Education?

Will today’s young adults start weighing the cost of a college education against the handsome incomes available from some trade jobs?

How The Patient Investor Sees the World More Clearly

Patience is the intelligent investor’s greatest strength.

The Amount You Invest Often Matters More Than the Returns You Earn

Here is the data that shows why the amount you invest often matters more than the returns you earn.

From zero to $250,000 in six years

How I managed to save more than 40% of my income living in three of the most expensive cities in the world.

Guide to Making 6-Figure Income Reselling & Flipping Furniture

The “financially independent” dream job that a lot of crafty people dream about.

Millennial’s Financial Situation is More Nuanced Than we Think

Millennial households (married couples) are actually making more money than previous generations

January Side Hustle Income Report – $2,812

Our rental property repair horror story and how we still managed to make a profit for the month!