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What Will Tank Your Frugality, Fast

We consider ourselves money-wise. But occasionally, all our hard-and-fast money rules fly out the window. Here’s when & what we do about it.

Visualizing the Best & Worst Investment Periods in History

These charts show the best and worst S&P 500 investment periods in history.

Short Money Rules

29 short money rules that contain important financial and psychological lessons.

How to Retire Early on an Income of $30,000 a Year

You can use location independence to achieve financial independence with a very low salary.

Visualizing the Wealthiest and Poorest County in Every State

This map shows the wealthiest and poorest county in every state in the U.S.

A Case for Home Automation

A Case for a WiFi Home Automation Light – A WiFi light is a welcome addition to my home while using 0w of power when the light is off.

How to Ruin Your Investment Portfolio (Part II: Technical Analysis)

Technical Analysis is mostly BS, but here’s a technically analyzed strategy that does work.

Review: Side-Hustling with Wag

Wag! is the uber of dog-walking, and I tried it out to write this review. Warning: lots of dog pictures ahead!

Does a Trade Job Offer a Better Career Path than a College Education?

Will today’s young adults start weighing the cost of a college education against the handsome incomes available from some trade jobs?

How The Patient Investor Sees the World More Clearly

Patience is the intelligent investor’s greatest strength.

From zero to $250,000 in six years

How I managed to save more than 40% of my income living in three of the most expensive cities in the world.

The Economics of Owning a Home

Should you rent or should you buy?

How to Start Decluttering: Mental Clutter

Mental clutter can be caused by distractions, notifications, commitments, multi-tasking, negativity, or decisions.

5 Warning Signs it’s Time to Get a New Job

I’ve stuck with jobs too long. After my most recent depressive episode, I’ve learned the warning signs that you should walk (or run) away.

SWR for a mixed portfolio

SWR calculation for a portfolio comprised of both real estate and stock market holdings.

The Freedom Ring.

The story of an engagement ring – twenty + years after the divorce.

Mallorca: January Adventures and the Cost to Do It

Achieving a high savings rate doesn’t require deprivation. Let’s travel the world for cheap.

Even God Couldn’t Beat Dollar-Cost Averaging

The data that explains why dollar-cost averaging is so hard to beat.

Where can I make the most? Educator Geoarbitrage.

A look at how location can impact educator income. Which states pay the most (and least) once cost-of-living is factored in?

5 things I learned from a year of budgeting

Reflections on the past year when I buckled down and made a plan for my money.

Full Circle

It can hit you between the eyes when a simple moment can make you see how far you’ve come.

The FI lie I tell most often

When asked, I say I don’t have any money-saving tips. Truthfully, there is one: make saving money a part of your identity

Why 40s is the PERFECT time to pursue FIRE

Is there a perfect time to pursue FIRE?