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Minimalism on the Path to Financial Independence

Jillian shares how embracing minimalism impacted her journey towards financial independence.

Wealth is All in Your Head

Money is a mental construct. It’s not a physical thing. It’s just an idea, but ideas have real power.

Keeping up with the Insta-Joneses

The comparison trap with the Insta-Joneses is a thief of joy and a thief of pay checks.

Finding Your Purpose after Retirement or Financial Independence

How to find purpose after meeting your big financial milestones.

Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued

A complete guide on salary negotiation.

Communicating an Early Retirement

“I went and disclosed to my boss on Friday that I would be quitting on Monday and not only quitting, but turning in a retirement notice…”

Two Paths to Doubling Your Income

Should you change companies frequently to make more money or stick it out with one employer for a long time to cash in?

Visualizing How Americans Make and Spend Their Money

These charts show how the average American household spends their money along with the top and bottom 20% of households.

How to Sidestep Lifestyle Creep: The Biggest Threat to Financial Planning

Lifestyle creep can severely impact financial planning by spending more income over time than we plan on saving.

4 Things I Gave Up to Retire Early

Darrow shares 4 things he gave up to retire early.

Harold Pollock’s financial index card for young adults.

Harold Pollack says all the personal finance advice you need fits on a 3-by-5 card.

When a Paycut to $600k Per Year Seems Impossible

I read an interesting article in The NY Times that mentions someone who makes $1.2 million per year and is absolutely miserable…

Reader Question: Should I Coast FI?

Here is why Coast FI could be a better path for many people compared to Traditional FI.

Always Be Interviewing

The many benefits of continuously interviewing.

The Game of Investing

Investing is a game, so come up with a good strategy and stick with it.

Short Money Rules

29 short money rules that contain important financial and psychological lessons.

Does a Trade Job Offer a Better Career Path than a College Education?

Will today’s young adults start weighing the cost of a college education against the handsome incomes available from some trade jobs?

The Economics of Owning a Home

Should you rent or should you buy?

Charted: The 50 Best Jobs in America

This visualization breaks down the top 50 best jobs in America according to U.S. News & World Report.

“I make $90,000/year on the side tutoring people for standardized tests”

Trevor Klee shares how he earns $100 to $160 per hour tutoring people for standardized tests.

6 Ways We’re Looking to Cut Expenses in 2019

Aaron from Three Thrifty Guys shares 6 ways he’s looking to cut spending in 2019.

Will FIRE turn into “Fake Independence Rapidly Evaporating?”

Relax! We’re going to be fine, despite the recent stock market volatility!

Dad, Are We Rich?

Do you consider yourself rich? Do others consider you rich?

Catching The Falling Knife: Investing Into A Bear Market

Here is how the average person can invest into falling markets without trying to time the market.

If You Want to Retire Comfortably, It Isn’t All About Investing

Preparing for what happens AFTER you finish building your nest egg may be more important than the saving and investing you did to get there.