The Incredible Privilege of Frugality by Choice (and Other Musings)

It’s easy to forget the privilege inherent in pursuing the path to FI. Frugality, poverty, bootstraps, luck and the importance of stories.

Educator on FI/RE Interview: Savvy History

Poor teacher? Starving artist? A middle school music teacher busts both those myths in this interview!

Real Educator Side Hustles for Extra Money

Real side hustles used by real educators to make worthwhile extra income. Part 4 in the Educator Income Series.

Educator on FI/RE Interview 4: Frogdancer Jones

A teacher raises 4 boys on her own while building a path to financial independence in Australia.

Where can I make the most? Educator Geoarbitrage.

A look at how location can impact educator income. Which states pay the most (and least) once cost-of-living is factored in?

Educator on FI/RE: Interview 3 with EconTeach

She’s taken control of her own finances AND sets her students on the right financial path.

The Three Es of Educator Income Growth

How educators can grow income while focusing on the job they love.

Educator on FI/RE Interview: JOY (Ed. Assistant)

A career ed assistant who never made more than $30k at her day job, partners with family and time to achieve financial independence.

The Educator Career Ladder: Options to Multiply Your Income

Educators are NOT doomed to poverty. The first in a series on educator income options. Exploring the career ladder.

Educator on FI/RE Interview 1: CJ

A high school teacher finds FI after a business failure and asks the community for some guidance.

Zone of Proximal Development: How the FI Community Matters and Misses

A classic learning theory applied to the search for financial independence.

4 Simple Ways to Include a Pension in FI Planning

A pension is potentially a great asset for retirement. Yet, you are wise to be cautious. 4 ways to balance the risk and benefit.

Educators Deserve to Be Wealthy

Educators work to prepare our economic and civic future. They deserve to be wealthy. Let’s make it happen.

“You Are Important to Me”

I can’t stand those “10 Gifts Teachers Hate” lists. Here’s why.

Engaging Your Partner is a FI Game-Changer

How my partner and I got on the same page. It changed everything.