Bias for Action: Benefits and Risks for Financial Independence

How can a bias for action help, and hurt, your pursuit of financial independence? Learn about the upsides, downsides, and managing the risks

Graduates and Ghosts: Celebrating Success and Owning Failure

Are you good at celebrating your wins? How about taking responsibility for your failures? Balancing those two is key to long-term success.

Downsizing: Finding the Right Smaller Home

Downsizing was a hard choice for us. We needed to find exactly the right smaller home. We did! Here’s how.

Educator on FI/RE 15: WrachelWrites

She’s a new teacher and she’s already crushing it financially. Read her story.

Graduation, Gifts, and Trajectory Change

Can I find a graduation gift that celebrates, connects, educates, and sets my nephew on a strong financial path? I think I did it!

“You used to be skinny…”

A second-grade verbal assassin drops some hard truth. See how it applies to personal finance.

15 FI Quotes from Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke

A professional poker player thinks differently about decisions. These 15 quotes apply to the search for financial independence.

Our House Selling Process: Decision to Sale in Under 4 Weeks

We went from deciding to downsize our home to accepting an above-asking-price offer in under 4 weeks. Read about our crazy seling process.

Pros and Cons of Downsizing Your Home

It was the biggest anchor in our FI journey. We finally decided to sell the home we love after making this list.

Educator on FI/RE 14: SmallBudgetRetirement

An elementary ESL teacher shares his inspiring path to financial independence. Immigration, family, side hustling, and tropical fish!

Expectations Matter

Experiencing high expectations enabled one student to change his life. Can it change your personal finances?

Financial Lessons I Learned Being Raised by a Single Mom

My dad left. My mom raised 3 kids while working full time, and going to nursing school. You better believe she taught me a lot.

Appreciating Our Financial Teachers

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! 16 personal finance writers honor important financial teachers in ther lives and share lessons learned.

Educator on FI/RE 13: Mrs. Financial Pilgrim

The couple behind Financial Pilgrimage share their family’s path to financial independence. Don’t miss the world premiere of Mrs. FP!

Include Financial Education in Educator Preparation

The case for including financial education in educator prep programs. Clear benefits for students, teachers, and community.

Introducing Financial Independence Awareness Day

There are so many “days” out there – but this one is potentially life-changing! Help spread the word.

Apply This Championship NFL Defensive Strategy to Your Money

The Patriots have won six NFL titles by doing one thing consistently well. Can you use this key defensive strategy to control your spending?

Educator on FI/RE Interview: One Cup of Rice

A new teacher, working in another country, with a plan to reach FIRE solo. How can you resist this compelling story?

Analyze your Educator Contract to Improve Your Finances

Too many educators miss out on benefits. I provide a simple method, and template, to analyze your contract and improve your finances.

Get That Job! Interview Keys for Teachers and Principals

A job change can be a key strategy for boosting income. I share interview keys learned from hundreds of hiring decisions to help.

Fear is the Money Killer

How many opportunities have you missed because of fear? An exploration of the impact of fear on finances and how to make fear productive.

Educator on FI/RE Interview 11: Dragon Gal (Elementary Teacher)

Read the inspiring story of an elementary teacher who retired at 40!

The First 10 Educator on FI/RE Interviews: Reflections & Next Steps

Reflections and next steps after 10 successful interviews with educators taking charge of their money and building wealth. From debt to FI!

Educator on FI/RE Interview 10: Laurie (ESL Teacher)

An ESL Teacher and her family build wealth and location independence. Learn more about Laurie from The Three Year Experiment.

Artificial Tightness: Reversing 15 Years of Lifestyle Inflation

Wouldn’t it be nice to do everything right the first time? Unfortunately, we didn’t. Read about how we unwound 15 years of lifestyle creep.