Mr. Clipping Chains

Bringing financial independence to the rock climbing community.


Dave MacLeod: Life Outside the Box, Part 1

Dave MacLeod is a professional climber who has harnessed the power of learning to maximize his potential. This is an interview for anyone.

Digital Minimalism: Give Me Back My Brain

What are the long-term impacts to ourselves and society by constantly double-chinning it at our phones?

Ego and Mastery: Looking Good Vs. Being Good

What’s the real motivation?

But I Don’t Want to Be Frugal

You want to spend less money, but you are struggling. Find out where to direct real effort.

Job Security: Our Catalyst to Financial Independence

What’s lurking under the surface that could force a change in your life?

The Entrepreneur: The Head of the Chicken

Financial independence isn’t just a way to get caught up on daytime TV. It could possibly lead to the most fulfilling work of your career.

Rest: We Need It and We Don’t Get Enough

Hey man, take it easy! Do you go too hard all the time? Over-optimize?

In Defense of Stew

Could stew be the missing ingredient in life to (1) secure your finances, and (2) slim your waistline? We think so. Stew on that!

Van Life: The Economics and Trade-Offs

There’s Instagram hashtags, then there’s reality. Does life on the road pay out?

Reader Case Study: Maximize Adventure or Career?

You don’t have to dumpster dive to live the dream. Here’s how.

Net Worth: It’s Really Going to Matter…Someday

“What gets measured gets improved” – Peter Drucker

Know Thyself: A Guide to Individuality

How much is “going with the flow” limiting your life?

Tara Kerzhner: Lights, Cameras…Kittens?

Some pursue a strong financial position to chase different career pursuits. Here’s a look at someone who puts passion first.

Tracking Your Spending: The Ultimate Task

Do you want to get out of debt? Retire early? Step 1: Track your spending. Here’s how.

Personal Finance: Not Very Sexy, Huh?

A look around social media reveals a world of inticing highlights. Are enough of us taking into account the less-sexy foundational elements?

Regrets: Any Day Could Be Your Last

Are you putting off a better life that you could have today? What if tomorrow never comes?

Financial Independence: So Who is This For?

This is still a niche lifestyle choice. Can’t anyone get on board?

Mallorca: January Adventures and the Cost to Do It

Achieving a high savings rate doesn’t require deprivation. Let’s travel the world for cheap.

Dogs and Your Money: An Ode to Man’s Best Friend

Let’s take a look at the true costs and intangibles of the dogs in our lives.

Traveling Abroad: You’re Paying Too Much

Traveling abroad is a fundamental experience. But are high expenses keeping you from traveling more often?

Kris Hampton: Popping Your Comfort Bubble

Kris Hampton is a rock climbing trainer and coach. He’s been around the block and wants you to get uncomfortable.

Five “Essentials” That Are Destroying Your Savings

It’s not easy to distinguish what is really necessary in our lives. What “essentials” can you give up?

Getting Down with Charlie “Brown”

Charlie is a regular guy who is maximizing his climbing while still gaming out his financial life. You can have your cake and eat it too!

Five Ways to Recession-Proof Your Life

A recession is coming…eventually. Are you ready for the next plunge?

Building Something with Justin Brown (Rhino Skin Solutions)

Justin Brown saw an opportunity to add value, and in doing so, has created an entire new life around the silly sport of rock climbing.