The Average UK Worker Should Be Able To Save £10,000 A Year. Edit

Poverty is generational. That is why 15% of Brits have no savings. I look at ways every British person can save money.

I Am Bonds – Asset Allocation Is Personal Edit

Some professions are bonds whilst others are stocks. Those who have “bond professions” should invest most of their money in stocks.

Kenny G – Secret Buy & Hold Dividend Millionaire

Kenny G invested in Starbucks in the 1980’s. Since then his investment has compounded at 30% per annum and made him millions along the way.

What I Have Been Reading – March

A collection of articles and things I have learnt over the course of March 2019.

What I Have Been Reading – February 2019

A collection of interesting articles across multiple subjects I read this past month.

Investing Requires Patience and A Long Term Mindset

There is only one way for individual investors to win – to increase our time horizons. Learn to be patient and have a long time horizon.

What I Have Been Reading January 2019

A collection of interesting articles across multiple subjects I read this past month.

What I Learnt in 2018.

A look at what I read and learnt in 2018.

December Stock Market Purchase – Inverted Yield Curve and Panic

There is panic to the markets. The inverted yield curve has brought recessionary fears. The best thing is to buy high quality stocks.

Reaching £3000 in Annual Dividend Income

This week, I finally crossed the £3000 in annual dividend income mark. Each £thousand has been quicker than the last due to dividend growth.

Smartpolak interviews MG

I recently sat down with smartpolak to discuss my goals, investment philosophy and journey to financial freedom/

Free Online Stock Market Simulation Game

For anyone interested in the stock market – whether it be individual stocks or index funds – this game is fun and only takes 20 mins.

Four Years Of MoneyGrower – Best Articles

A recap of my favourite articles as well as how the site has changed over the past four years.