Ask For a Raise: How I Got an 11% Raise With One Email

Don’t be scared to ask for a raise! There’s really nothing to lose.

Stumbling My Way To Success

Even those of us who don’t make the optimal decision in each step of our lives can still be successful.

Working Out For Free – My Unusual Approach

My unique way of getting a workout without paying anything and actually earning some money.

What Sells on eBay February 2019

A look into my eBay store. What I sold, how much I made and where I found the stuff.

Financial Independence on Easy Mode

Moving to a low cost country can shorten the path to FI dramatically.

Millionaire Interview 4 – Marc From Vital Dollar

A good story of how Marc became a millionaire by running his own websites/blogs.

How to Calculate Your Net Worth

A short, simple post on how to calculate all of your numbers.

Millionaire Interview 3 – Mark From TheRetirementSpt

The latest interview in my millionaire interview series.

Band of Bloggers: Millionaire Dojo

An interview on life and money.

Your Negative Mindset Could Be Your Biggest Expense

Everything in your life is impacted by how you think.

How to Sell Antiques at an Antique Mall

A look into my antique booth.

Our Financial Accomplishments for 2018

It’s good to look back and see the result of all the little improvements you make each week.

Using an emergency fund: how a piece of yarn cost us $1,300

We got hit with a decent size expense first thing this month! Glad we had an emergency fund to cover it.

What Sells on eBay: December 2018

A look at what I sold and how much I made in December.

Monetize Your Hobbies and Shorten the Path to Wealth

I’m sure you have a hobby. Have you thought about trying to monetize it?

Is Social Media Costing You Money?

You might be paying for your accounts, but you’re probably losing money if you’re spending a lot of time on social media.

8th Monthly Net Worth Update

My monthly update for November.

What Sells on eBay: November 2018

My monthly eBay sales update.

Is it Wrong to Shop at Thrift Stores When You Aren’t Poor?

Are we taking items from the poor when we shop at thrift stores? I don’t feel that way myself and explain why.

Your Focus Determines How Wealthy You Will Be

What you focus on is important. It’s what steers the course of your life.

Millionaire Interview 2 – OthalaFehu

Did an interview with fellow money blogger and millionaire OthalaFehu. We talked about how he became a millionaire.