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105 Ridiculously Easy Crafts to Make & Sell for Money

Do you need a little inspiration for an Etsy store? Here is a huge list of unique craft tutorials and DIY ideas to get you inspired.

How To Make Money Playing Video Games on Twitch

For those of us that have been gamers for a long time, it would come as a surprise to us that we would ever be paid to play video games.

40 Ways You Can Make Quick Cash Before Pay Day

Waiting around for your monthly payday is usually fine, but sometimes you need to up your income or get your hands on some extra cash quick.

19 Popular Parenting Magazines That Will Pay You to Write

Are you a parent? Most of these publications pay a decent amount of money for accepted parenting articles and parenting stories.

This Self Employment App Helps Freelancers Organize Their Taxes

Hurdlr is an organizational tax filing app for self employed people, small business owners, and beginner freelancers.

This Woman Makes $25/hr Teaching English Online From Anywhere

English is the #1 most in-demand global language by far. There are so many people in the world that are looking to learn English that there

MobileXpression – Why I Would Not Install This App

MobileXpression claims it is an “elite” market research company looking to follow and understand trends in online behavior. But is it legit?

8 Actionable Career Tips For Aspiring Makeup Artists 💄

We’ll look into the creative side of things – such as skill assessment, growing as a makeup artist, the essential financial

Work From Home Creating a Profitable Doggy Day Care

It’s an amazing alternative and a terrific way to make money. You can also help dog owners take better care of their favorite furry loved on

11 Real Ways You Can Make Money With Your Car

Let’s look into a list of great ways that you can make money from doing something you’ve probably been doing since you were 15, driving!

How To Save Money on Car Costs (for Younger Drivers)

Getting a car is one thing, the cost that comes with owning a car is an added expense that people don’t always think about.

Things Every College Girl Should Learn 👧🏼

Our goal in life is to develop and grow as a human being. Tackle the journey and embrace life. Plus funny adult meme dump because why not 🙂

Inbox Dollars – Get Your $5 Sign Up Bonus…But Is It Worth It?

Do I recommend it? In a few words: It depends.When I was a broke college student a few years back, I used Inbox Dollars because there were f

Guide to Making 6-Figure Income Reselling & Flipping Furniture

The “financially independent” dream job that a lot of crafty people dream about.

My Scary ER Trip Was The Best Xmas Gift I’ve Ever Got

Talk about ending the year with a bang. How would you like to spend 6 hours in the emergency room the day right after Christmas?

22 Best Sites to Score Free Product Samples By Mail

You know that meme of Oprah pointing to her audience yelling, “You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car!” over and over again?

15+ Amazing Places to Sell Your Old Clothes for Money

Kondo this! Holding on to these items serve no purpose other than cluttering our space and making us feel bad.

45 General Typist Firms Hiring Remotely for Beginners

Don’t expect to start off making hundreds of dollars a day, but many transcription-based companies hire beginners and hire from anywhere.

35 Practical Christmas Gifts That *Everybody* Will Use

How many things does a person really need? Another scarf? Another waffle maker? This is how to gift a winning Christmas gift.

How I Made $24-$30/hr As a College Student

Working and studying at the same time is no joke. For those of you who are getting tired of temporary and unsatisfying jobs, try Upwork.

Crap Teenage Jobs Are A Neccessity – Take It From A Person Who Couldn’t Have One

I would have learned a lot more about life and struggle if I ended up working at McDonald’s or something first.

7+ Companies That Will Pay You To Lose Weight (Really!)

Using money as motivation can really make the point drive home: your health is just as important.

Yes, Comfort Is Bad and Here’s How To Fix It

It’s probably weird if someone said, “wow, my life is great right now so I need to do something to change it asap” but t

Microsoft Rewards Review – Earn Money Browsing The Web

Users receive points for performing searches, daily + weekly quizzes, daily polls, and shopping through Microsoft.

10 Things I Quit Buying That’s Saving Money…And Mother Earth

10 things that are so bad for mother earth – and we should rethink how we use them. Alternatives provided.